How to invest in crypto, follow signals and profit - by D Man I must write this as I see so many...

innocent stupidities by the members in bear market that made you
lose more than even set and forget long term holder would.

1st - read my which investor type are you guide - you'll find it above.

You CANNOT be amateur day-trader! It is least profitable category.

2) I ccan't help it but call you an idiot if you go all in on one signal. No matter even if the D man would create his own token - don't invest all in.

3) you fucking MUST learn to hold. I see so many beginners when the call doesn't happen immediately, panick and sell (and only then LOSE!) that it is unreal. That is the only sure way to lose!

Your coin might be good but btc is moving them all as it dances - fucking learn to hold.

Once you learn how to hold...

4) learn how to sell - if I give you pricepoint @ 10% profit or if I tell you 3914 sats - you can sell at that price or a couple sats less... but not MUCH less - why? Because the gains you don't make are the bucks less you have to justify your misses.

5) Investment is your responsibility and yours only. Following calls blindly is risk - not only because of the call giver - but for example, imagine a call: "buy waves now" and you go to binance and you blindly without looking at the chart buy it - and only then you realize that in the last 30 seconds it spiked by 12% - not a good idea.

A rule of the thumb - every sudden spike, has a correction!" - we don't talk about the xrp historic big spike or stuff - I talk about pumps that happen with people investing at the same time prior to some news. I have many signals - and although I hate artificial pumps - realize we are the most accurate telegram group on the planet - we get whale followers - and if I give you a signal, they see it too - and some invest 10,50 btc+ and it's 10,000 of you, not any members, but high quality true crypto members. The spikes do happen. To make it fair - I invest personally in most of cases after I give you the call - not before Folks call me stupid but I feel it forcing me to adjust methods so that everyone is winning.

6) there is no such thing as a sure trade. I had 17 correct calls in a row and then came the day when poll should go up - they had a token burn, 40% would go away - and what happened - they said yes we will burn tokens, but in may, now this is to make it official - bullshit wrong advertising - but what happened - you guessed it - dumping and 7% loss.

There are calls also that go against btc etc -- there is no such thing as a sure trade. Get it. And that brings us to:

7) historic success doesn't guarantee future profits! Who knows maybe I get hit by a brick and my analytic mind gets fucked up and signals wrong. always the best thing is to do your homework.

Here's how I'd invest on my signals

"buy bnb now because of the news this and that"

I'd go check the chart immediately on binance - wow there is a bit of pump, must have been his guys - let me setup a buy order at slightly below... and while I'm waiting, let me investigate why I'm buying it. Oh - it's 500k people will get a freebie from binance - good, oh they gave me news very timely after just being released meaning I'm here before majority - good, thank you for great call D Man!"

- please note - I am here accepting full responsibility for the signal I got, I am investing on my own understanding, and the only reason I set the buy order before I went to investigate was to buy at the right point and not miss out - I did my homework on D man and Blockchain Whispers before and I decided it's a good GAMBLE to trust them that much. Because in 2 minutes as I'm checking really how much it can fall if it should go up and everybody buying.

My signals are that - SIGNALS - not buy instructions. Yes, I have been the most accurate public channel so far, and I probably will continue being one for a while, yes huge amount of my members made great profits on my calls, however, I don't want you to be a fish following another fish - use your own head.

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