How To Get Rich In 2018 You have a bitcoin now. Or if you don't, get it. The bitcoin can be only...

How To Get Rich In 2018

You have a bitcoin now. Or if you don't, get it.
The bitcoin can be only mined at certain speed, and once the limit is hit, new bitcoin can't be mined or produced.

This makes it appreciating vs depreciation (fiat) asset.

It's better than gold, because it's:
1) fast
2) digital
3) lightweight
4) mineable circulation is known

It is better than fiat because:
1) it appreciates in value
2) it doesn't belong to one body (government) that prints it
3) it's supply is known vs (how much money you really know banks have, back up or just write on the balance sheet?)

And you are here.

There is total of around 20 million wallets in the world. Twenty. Brother, this makes you in top percentile by just having a wallet.

Majority hasn't started to use bitcoin yet, and yet we are now stress-testing them for them, for the world and future of money.

You will be richly rewarded.

Heck even if you sell now all and never get back, you did an important part for the community. But don't do that. Set some bitcoin aside... the golden number is one... one, full, shiny Bitcoin...

as it might be worth 100k in the next three years.

Yes, people say this year. It can be, or doesn't have to be... but tell me this, which other investment you know you can buy, store at usb, carry with you and fucking make 15x in less than three years?

I hope this gets your perspective a bit away from day trading.

This is the best way to look at day trading:
You take a shoot...

You take a shoot approach is the only-win method, basically... it goes like this:

I pick an asset that is tied to bitcoin on the mid term, say zrx coin...

if zrx coin goes up, you profited. If it doesn't, you hold it the same way you would hold bitcoin, and don't sell in bearish times, but in bullish.

You invest in bitcoin at $19000. You don't sell. You hold. I was one of lucky ones to sell at it's all time high. However, on the long term... it is the same as if you sell it now for $3000. I used that money to buy more btc later on (what wasn't spent on poor girls with so little clothes on).

You take a shoot, but if you know the picture, every shoot is a winning shoot if you follow these three criteria:
1) you invest in a solid project
2) that project is on the market
3) you don't lose access to it

Yes, I do expect bitcoin to take the leading role and alts to start disappearing, but that process won't happen overnight, you'll get a chance to break even on 99% of the solid alts and most likely profit making yourself even more bitcoins.

Avoid these investment mistakes

#1 Mistake - Switching Timeframes
You must go from top to bottom, not the other way around. People make stupid decisions, emotional when they see bitcoin down and they sell it, for fiat. At that stage the game is over and you lost.

Then, people tend to listen to the shortest timeframe while having long term continuation in mind. It's stupid. It rarely ever happens that what is happening on the short term will remain long term. Bitcoin in the next months, not even years won't even have the same patterns it has now. Do you really expect it to go down then up then down then up on a twice per day basis for the next three years?

I don't know about you, but I'd crack the pattern if it would be repeated continuously, forever. And so would many others.

So, for example I made btc prediction for the next month or so I made it two months in advance. The moment I write it goes up, some guy goes to bitmex and looks if it is going up. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MICRO TIMEFRAME!

The same way, I say bitcoin goes down today or tomorrow... for a dip. It doesn't mean bitcoin goes down this week, or month or a year. This is so common mistake, people go around the forums and collect info based on different timeframes.

For example how I think btc looks now:
next 24hrs - bearish
next 7 days - bearish/bullish transition
next 4 weeks - bullish
next 4 years - bullish
next 20 years - I don't know

#2 Mistake - Experience

What is experience? An attribute mostly unsuccessful people give to their mistakes. A successful man would tell you: I did this and that. An unsuccessful would say he has experience. Who has experience in crypto? No one. Crypto is new. Stock market experience is as similar to crypto as is skiing and driving a boat. Do you know what is more similar to crypto trading than stock investing? Do you want to know which type of guy without any degree has better odds than 20 year wall street stock trader? A gambler. A pro gambler. Do you want to know who has the most similarities to crypto? A forex trader. Stocks will be more similar to crypto later on, not at this stage. Alts are not backed up with any asset, with anything... you're investing in idea and hoping for hype and mass acceptance. Psychology expert has higher odds than stocks guy. So, bust those myths. #3 Mistake - Being alone You can't trade alone because you trade with people against the people. It is the people who are going to, and willing to pay your higher price for bitcoin. It is the influencers like me that set the milestones. See the reach I have, I have in this channel, a stronger buy power than Mcafee and CoinTelegraph COMBINED - on a single advice. Because their channels are prostituted with too many ads and recommendations. I have loyalty which gives the strongest moves in the industry. Imagine now for the matter of argument, I say bitcoin has a strong resistence at 7575. Other channels relay it, TAs start focusing on that level and suddenly finding it... and it becomes REAL. Yup, it becomes real. Self fulfillingly real. Many people will put short orders at 7575 and some will be contrarian putting longs at 7578 — and it will truly become a resistance. Why? Because, you are trading with people, and what is support and resistance, than people who are expecting one price and willing to buy or sell at that price. So you can't be alone. I have a fortune to connect with brilliant amazing genius-level people through this channel. One told me along these lines: "sir, we don't want an indicator that no one knows of. We want to use the same tools other people use, just use them better. They must know and see the same points, so we can trade against them." People have made fortunes with our Liquidator bot for example... by making it real, our followers helped each other to push the barrier and move it in the direction they wanted to. Don't be alone, rather be smart - know who you are listening to. Track record is the only thing that matters. Now I hope you know - the fact you are in crypto now one of top 20 million wallets (vs 6 billion capable people), puts you among the richest people in the world once the crypto takes over. And what about $1 million dollar per bitcoin? I say it his HIGHLY probable. Now before you start jumping... let me say this also... if it happens as it seems it will happen, that million will be worth 200k of today's money. When bitcoin gets its critical mass and gets up, the hyperinflation of fiat is inevitable. this also means, if you are not in crypto - you will lose. So brother, stay tuned, keep holding, follow your favorite channel, and have a clear idea. Blockchain Whispers Baby D

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