How To Get Rich If You Don't Have Money

How To Get Rich If You Don't Have Money

Dear friend and loyal follower,

It is such bliss for me when I see you happy.  The find of Sicario, after streak of mediocre-at-best traders, brought back that life and glory you know Blockchain Whispers for.

Sicario made it's demo calls in a free group and made us over 100% gains.  I am glad there were stoppages, so you see that in crypto, even with the right direction, with the right everything, a sudden things might happen (like very near the target, a $500 candle starts pumping and Bitmex puts it's system overload sign and goes to fill their piggy bank with your blood and sweat money).

This brings us back to the focus on odds not all-in per trade.  If you go all in in each trade, you are risking it big time.  And even if you are more accurate than a slightly-above-average trader, you will still lose when your unlucky bitmex moment comes.

Let's repeat profitable history!

Sicario came, you saw the calls, if you followed you did 50%-150% in gains... depending on leverage and your own personal strategy.

The last call was a perfect lesson, basically Sicario was profitable even when top 'celebrity' traders are wrong, and it got us great deal of popularity.  With popularity came greed, and witty folks who forced you to evolve.

At the beginning days of Sicario calls you could simply just put target in, and voila - target hit, go jerk off.

Yesterday, our target was 'missed' by $1.

Yup, $1.

And I marked the call as a win.  Why?  Did I suddenly became not precise?

The call is a win because this miss and the movement changed BECAUSE OF us.

Sicario followers decided: "hey if he is so accurate, I will put $1 early so that I close before the others."


The moment it happened, Sicario said: "the calls can no longer be public". So from now on you can get Sicario calls only in Premium (contact @xantisofia on Telegram if interested).

Sicario is not like me, that they will sweat it and fight it and take the heat on myself. My older followers remember, our first failed short after such a big winning streak.  It simply happened, when others without imagination but aggressive, merciless approach go to counter trade you.

Yes, sure, every time we win we take someone else's gains, however there's the right way and there's the wrong way - if I give something for free to help people and you set your take profit at $1 early, it's like me putting a bucket of money in Africa with a sign "take what you need", and you coming and take it all in front of hungry people and saying: "fuck it, I'm buying Rolex".

For you, however, this doesn't mean that you should feel sorry for yourself, instead you should choose to evolve.

How you evolve, I'll show you here:

Say a call is from 6300 to 6100 short.
You put at 6200 some 20% take profit.  You put at 6150, 6125, 6100.  So literrary you don't give a fuck if your 6100 thing doesn't fulfill... and also you keep on adjusting stops - when somewhere like halfway there to the goal, you put stop at your entry, so you get yourself a guaranteed profit.

You see evolution.  And to further your evolution, here's a mindset that will help you get rid of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out):


There Will ALWAYS Be Opportunities
But Sicario closed it's free calls, my life is now miserable and over..." - you start weeping.
Proof and point, worry not - now if you (most important:) learned from this lesson, the new opportunity comes in...


Bitmex Leaderboard Mr. Hellfire Strikes In!
There is no one on the planet who can tell you he or she is a better expert on bitmex (besides maybe the bitmex insiders) than the guy who has most notional gains on Bitmex.

He must know something, something better, more powerful than any of those arrogant, twitter 'celebrities' claim they do.

Now, you will get another round, series of calls, that you must use your new learnt lesson if you wish to profit.

And be ready to keep on evolving, because by the time this series is finished, maybe we end with another lesson, maybe some idiot will try to counter trade us, or something new will happen - thus, eyes open, right portfolio management, no fomo, and smart trading.

"So D, how do I get rich?"

You just did.  By evolving and adapting, you are now ready for series of Mr. Hellfire calls, that you will know how to profit from and those who didn't read this, will make a series of mistakes.

When you are in trade, be actively monitoring it, adapting, and listening only to yourself. Not to your fear. Not to your gambly feeling, but to yourself.  Locking in profits on the way in the right direction - and if you realize that in EVERY SINGLE CALL Sicario had the right direction... you are ready to do even better in the next round with Mr. Hellfire.

You have now an opportunity to do it all over again. To do it even better.  It will not cost you anything to get prime-level info.  The calls will be simple in the same format of Sicario to mask the method of trading that makes Mr. Hellfire the very top.  However, rest assured if you read this article again, properly and carefully, you have everything you need to reap-in the benefits, rewards and fast-track-to-riches with the new series of bitmex calls that will be published here.

There are those who are ready to succeed over dead bodies... and there are those who take others on their road to riches.

I choose to take you with me, to get rich, to make shitload of money in crypto by helping you get there.  Yes, it cost me my entire crypto savings to get to the point where I have these traders (and most ironically these, best traders don't even want my money).. however it also motivated me to get where I am now.  I will give you an opportunity, it's yours to take it.  

A new series of calls is to follow, be ready.  Also be ready to join premium if at the end of the series you, with your own eyes, not with anyone telling you otherwise, you decide it makes sense for you and that it is more EXPENSIVE not to be in premium, than to invest in the best guardian loving big brother you can get in crypto.

For Love, Success, and Big Boob Petite Natashas,


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