How To Get Really Rich In Crypto In 2018!If you want to get on the top of the feeding chain, and...

How To Get Really Rich In Crypto In 2018!

If you want to get on the top of the feeding chain, and make more money in crypto than anyone else, these are your opportunities:

1) Make your own coin - making a coin these days is easy. However, the audience, the community has matured a bit so shit coins that were booming in 2017, are dipping now.

What is the future is stock-like tokens that you can vote with, get a share in the company with — and fuck it if you can't produce such token in like 15 minutes. Fabric Token (FT) that we invested in made a token generator, and you make for a couple of bucks your own smart contract for any business you want.

Want to sell your gf's panties online — well, instead of the impossible of getting it listed on NASDAQ, simply you can make the token offer.

Money follows good ideas, not the other way around —- the idea is all you need.

2) You can transition USD investments to BTC investments.
There are HUGE, institutional funds out there still trading in usd. You don't need to be a genius to outgain their best traders by simply moving things to crypto. If you're able to convince someone to let you manage the USD funds, a plain moving it to btc an dholding it can make you enough to get rich. This idea has it's variations, however, what you should look for is a win win win... the institution wins because you make them more and clients win because you make them more... and you win because they wouldn't let you trade USD market for them in million years.

3) Have A Trading edge. If the above two aren't for you for one reason or another - there is the third thing — you can always decide to get an edge in trading.. To do so you must first realize you are against hundreds of thousands of people: faster, smarter, 'luckier' than you.

You need an edge. And that edge as I have discovered can be found in three things only:

1) working harder

2) knowledge - knowing more than they do, or more valuable stuff and

3) connections - making yourself a hub of information so that no big intel goes without you knowing about it.

While with the next Facebook idea I can't help you, I pointed you to the right direction - Fabric Token and you just produce whatever the heck you want — if it doesn't work, well... you tried at least.

With USD fund to move, it requires too much paperwork for my taste, so again you're by yourself.

However, with trading, here at Blockchain Whispers I have gathered a team that is having an edge in all three sectors: we work our asses off, we know more than the 99% of the traders out there and I am the hub of information. I'd say I'm the biggest hub because of you - my loyal follower. There are a couple 'bigger' audience influencers that don't have such strong connection with their audience, so it means shit at the end of the day. There are a couple traders that know more but don't work as hard or don't have the intel. EDGE wise - Blockchain Whispers is by far ahead of the pack, like running it's own game.

I'm not saying it to brag, you're here, you've built it with me you know what we are. I say it to compliment you, for being fucking awesome and making it possible.

I wanted to share with you the three most obvious ways to get rich in crypto.

Now I want to share again the obvious,

How NOT To Get Rich In Crypto in 2018

... or any year for that matter except maybe 2017

... you can't be lazier than everyone
... cheaper than everyone
... looking for bigger gains than everyone (I'll explain)

because too many people are against you. Watch our video 1, of Elementary School Of Crypto... it is a Zero sum game. meaning someone needs to sell so you can buy and the other way around.

Bots, teams, exchange insiders,... coin insiders,... whales, ... are against you.

You simply will LOSE money if you continue doing it.

So there are

the only three roads

Road one - you decide to be the best. Work from morning to night, take time and probably lose some until you figure it out. And you continue working hard to stay on top. This is the best. However, it is something rarely anyone is truly willing to do.

Then you have...

Road two... shit I forgot what the road two was.. oh yes, to continue losing moeny - by following public fomo and fud, bullshit over bullshit always ending up late to the party.

Road three... you team up with me and the Blockchain Whispers team. We work hard for you. The most accurate team in the world, gem-finding analysts, traders, TAs... and me.

Blockchain Whispers is the only crypto signalling service that managed to pass to the third phase of growth: First there was the idea and the lucky beginning, then there was my hard work and strive for accuracy, and thirdly where most fail, I realized if I want to stay on top, and gain even further edge, it must become bigger than just one man, bigger than me — and I turned from trader to talent scout - whenever I'd find someone potentially close to BCW quality, I'd approach and so far in every single case partnered up and bring them in the team. Now you have all the best traders, elite of the elite in Blockchain Whispers.

Yes it costs, and that's why I have a Premium service, so you don't have to pay it all by yourself (and even then you can't get this because of the loyalty my team shows)... for a fraction of price you 'pool' the money with other Blockchain Whispers family members and share research, findings and new hot things. Is it better to have it just for yourself? Well, sure... but the price to reward ratio is by far biggest this way, because, remember, I CARE! and I eliminated shortest time picks, pumpy calls and shit so that even if you're not first to act, balances out.

Sure, sometimes I'll hear the confirmation of the exchange listing 15 minutes or three minutes ahead of time, and you do have to rush, because it's happening with me announcing or not... however, most of the time, you have plenty of time to act. The best traders now at your disposal because I made a chat that happens at least once a week where you get to ask even the silliest questions, etc.

With me you always know where you stand, and that's what my followers respect. In a sea of bullshit out there, here you get family warmth and brotherly care. And as a brother sometimes I need to kick your ass to show you the right way, however at least you don't get what you get elsewhere: encouraged to buy on the pumps, to buy shit people pay them to promote etc..

I am no longer answering pms as simply there is too many of them.

This post I wrote because it's so obvious, yet so hard for most to see when emotionally involved in an outcome. Please select your path, but by all means don't do the road two - the losing road. Yeah, I know it's a fun there, many people, but trust me, no one driving Lambo out there. It's a rocky road.

Should you join Blockchain Whispers, it's like a crpyto trading superhighway... all for you and your fellow Blockchain Whispers Premium colleagues.

Should you continue on your own, then at least out-research them all. Here's a free secret from your D... if you are trading by yourself: REDUCE THE number OF TRADES, and INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF RESEARCH you put into each. Follow this free channel, I know sometimes I rant on important things that you already learned, however, this strengthens your motivation to work, to research, to make it truly happen.

Good 'luck' trader!


By the way, I have an amazing respect for hardworking, brilliant people out there. If you have something special, if you have an edge in crypto, and you've proven it (at least to yourself), get in touch with me even to say hello. I get a bunch (too many) messages daily, so I have to complicate the process a bit: contact @cryptokanik and he will pass me the messages he sees fit. If he doesn't, and you think he is blind for not doing so - then put in some effort read through this channel completely, you will find my username out there as well. Just can't put it directly here due to amount of messages it generates. I love it, however it's like a bunch of hot chicks... having one you're excited, having three you're exhausted, having five, you're fucking king... however having five hundred and fifty five is simply not humanly manageable whatever pride we would like to take to our manhood. The same with messages. So I tell you here: I love you. And thank you.

I'm motivated to continue having this channel as the most valuable free channel in crypto ever. Behind the scenes I'm working on a couple more things, as each is complete, you get it. Stay tuned, and join premium now as we are trading more these days, this sideways movement of btc made trading semi-bullish, or at least normal.

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