How To Get Laid While Trading Only Crypto

Brother, as you know I announced me returning to crypto fully even though times are (still) fucked up.

So how do you make money, enough for yourself, to bang some fun chicks and to have to provide a good life for the love of your life?

Good question.

Let's start with the good news: I do expect (listen as you're first hearing it here!), bitcoin and crypto to become bullish and attract more people in the following three months.

Even ATH is possible.

Please follow my Telegram channel @blockchainwhispersbaby as I'll be the most active there. It's fast to publish.

What I did while being quiet? 

Thanks for asking. Well, besides the aparent frustration with coders, I was constantly working on BCW - soon you'll get a more structured, more useful BCW homepage.

DART is in final stages, but I'm saying it for a while (like they do tell me). 

I am one, and I can do MANY things, much more than an ordinary human can (you've witnessed this) when I am in control of happenings. When something is outside my control, like coding... I have only two options: learn to code or beat the coders... (dislaimer lol: joking) -- or wait for the code to be ready.

So I got frustrated a bit, yes... it fucked up the momentum, yes... but it was only temporary, I don't let em win. We win, together, like we always do, as Blockchain Whispers.

So DART and the homepage are soon ready for you to start using. Be visiting it as I fully intend to make it the most valuable crypto homepage on the planet. 

What about the banging? Where we go from here
Alright, I feel there is a LITTLE, that's why no one will post anything really... but still ENOUGH opportunities for us to start being active like D Man has proven to be even in bear times.

These times are most likely turn-bullish... so I will focus my attention from coders to you... so follow the Telegram channel, we will do many great trades together.

I'll ... I did actually already... I went to bed last night around 1am, woke at around 4:50AM or so... I am excited for this week.

I am excited to be back with you again.

Because together, we will make it all ROAR!

I'll publish you analysis of Bitcoin and ETH in a moment for the week (both bullish).

I'll then give you alt signals.

Free member. Premium member. It's all the same at this point. You are loyal. You are here. You trust me. This is all that matters.

Once we line up wins, get your Johnson hard and happy (thanks to Tasha!)... we will start doing distinctions - when you CAN afford it. For now, as you've seen already, my priority is to be here for you. In both easy and not so easy times.

So without further ado, let's have the games officially start! Week on!

D Man

P.S. Don't join premium yet. I mean, if you do - your membership won't be expiring and you'll be on FREE time, getting premium BONUS stuff as we go... it will start expiring only when Premiums start getting the focus and value they deserve. So up to you. @blockchainwhispersbaby on Telegram -- follow.

P.P.S. Oh, fuck, yes... the getting laid part -- I think we have enough edge now to start before anyone, and that I can consistently find you good trades even in crypto. I put the voting on Telegram and over 40% of you is interested in forex where we can make money too... I'll get us that in time. For now, I'm running it with a small test group of BW premiums and ensuring the consistency before presenting to you. If or when I do... it will be a bonus on top of what you'll be earning by then with crypto and the best signals on the planet - by yours truly!

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  • 520
5m ago
welcome back Dman. lets do this
  • 71
5m ago
Let's bang the chikas and them markets D! No more pussying around - shit about to blow!
  • 67
5m ago
Man, you are the real deal. Thank you for caring so much about us! I really like your way of writing it makes me happy every time.
  • 92
5m ago
Great to have you back in the game!! Love to D man!!
Hugh Peggins
  • 171
5m ago
Can't wait to see BCW up and running and even shinier than before! Once again, thanks D for your efforts, they are always appreciated. I know you will get your well deserved spot in crypto history in-the-making soon enough.
  • 193
5m ago
You rock
  • 417
5m ago
Perfect, can't wait for the next BCW!!
  • 219
5m ago
Let's rock together again
Firebeard Jeff
  • 141
5m ago
Ave it large d man!
  • 59
5m ago
You the D man bro
  • 151
5m ago
Thanks a lot... Let's rock it D man!!
  • 36
5m ago
  • 40
5m ago
Welcome back with badass update
  • 122
5m ago
Glad to have you back! you rock man!!!
  • 188
5m ago
Rock on D! Time to change the world! Let's roll
  • 337
5m ago
I feel the hype! Thanks, D!
  • 86
5m ago
I looks like an amazing comeback!:-) Good luck! Thanx!:-)
  • 76
5m ago
D man for president !!!!!
  • 681
5m ago
Glad to have you back at the helm! One Love D Man!