How To Find A Gem With Greatest Odds Of 4x Right now, I, like anyone else doing short term trades...

How To Find A Gem With Greatest Odds Of 4x

Right now, I, like anyone else doing short term trades suffered a blow as I had to carry them through the btc dip or cancel them - either way, losing something.

I decided I want to recover fast, and I was tired of those 25 mil marketcap gems because they also take ages to florish. Me and Mr Y, my top analyst, were researching actually one other coin, when we came to this...

The perfect setup

The ideal gem is undervalued one. Not low valued, but under valued.

I found out they are super small team, and they don't update properly... they are working on the product actually - they had an ico in super bear times and ico failed... bringing their price beyond it's value.

The recent btc dip caused: missed deadline + failed ico to get this new project to plummet even further...

and let me tell you the best part:

It has under 3 million marketcap!

As opposed to DAN, this one already has a working product, and will get the product done sooner.

I don't see it as a 1 trillion bitcoin or 800 million sia or whatever... but I can see it as 25 million pretty fast.

And 25 million here gives us 4x or more...

The token is basically a software that helps everyone who wants to create his own smart contract, and it's paid in their tokens, called Fabric Tokens.

The owners and advisors have the token lock for a year, so now basically it's us against the uncertain public. Super great price at the moment and I decided to buy it.

The need for blockchain? None
but the owners did a smart trade: only way to purchase this smart contract generation is with their own tokens, meaning blockchain becomes needed and for small project like this, there is no need for further justification.

By the way, this is me, D man, making the call with Mr. Y... you do the math.

The price at the moment of writing this is: 0.00017511 eth
if it would be 25 mil marketcap I wouldn't look at it although it does serve a need... but it is 3 million!

This week they release their late product and all...
Don't buy on cryptopia - too low volume at the moment as they released it in btc dip times..

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