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How is this possible? Look at the piece of the pie. Now cut it in half. Half cut in half — you...

How is this possible?

Look at the piece of the pie.

Now cut it in half.

Half cut in half — you have quarters, right?

Now that half cut one hundred times and take one small piece.

THAT piece is piece of btc that is actually being traded on an exchanges.

At the beginning... there was a Satoshi
(Sounds epic, doesn't it! :)

He and his buddies created, easily mined, SHITLOAD of Bitcoins. Bitcoin was free money, free, digital money for them that had no value or acceptance.

Now five years later, you see bitcoin spiking up, exchanges opening... and only those who bought it for speculation started exchanging... while the TOP WALLETS remained calm.

The entire BITFINEX — the largest wallet in crypto is very close to the amount of second, third, fourth.... even twentieth wallet...

and most of the top 20 wallets still don't trade!

IT's decreasing by the day... and trading wallets increase as traders, investors, manipulators, speculators, ... get their hands on a LIMITED, SCARCE asset BITCOIN.

Every one of the top 20 wallets can CRASH the ENTIRE MARKET to ZERO. Not to bitcoin being 4,000 or 2,000 but under a dollar!

every single of those twenty.

Now you do your math.

You get why is bitcoin in 'danger'?

Bitcoin is in no danger. Your thoughts are. Hold, let the markets develop and kick ass!

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