How An Average Student Can Afford Every Night Party With Smoking Hot Strippers - Paid With Your...

Crypto Profits

Alright, this article begged me to be written.

Imagine you're an above average poker player, next to you is some fat fuck you know you can take, across you a dealer shuffling you feel today is your day... but there is one catch...

... this is a high stakes poker and your stack is 1/10th of theirs. You have 60% favorable odds agains them, but in event the 40% comes - you can't rebuy back, and while the fatty has fat pocketbook too and can re-buy and re-buy... all night... in this scenario...

... you are the loser if you play.

And you wonder about bitcoin. While fatty can double up - next time and get you are with your entire fund in... on his double up he is actually favorite to win against you!

Even though he doesn't have a clue.

So what do you think happens with bitcoin?

You don't think big whales join in together, pump, "CREATE" charts... make 'smart' TAs bullish only to dump to them again and again screwing them over and over again... and they just find more patterns to justify how they got


Now I'll give you the strategy you can use to profit wildly... if you're not an idiot and take a moment to understand it.

First - the foundamentals. If you want to be able to afford a good life, in this case strippers dancing their round bubbly butts around you, good food, relaxing you after hard day... you must earn something to begin with.

Any serious person can earn $5,000 if he sets his mind to it.

If you want it strongly enough you can work an extra job, extra hard, extra push, extra long... until you make $5k extra. Correct? Correct!

If you're healthy, young - you have everything you need. And the majority of you in this channel still have your balls blue and an energy of a tiger circulating inside you - ready to conquer!

So you get your 5k - the odds are it gets you the 1 bitcoin, time it, setup buy order, study this, most accurate bitcoin channel on the planet (and it's student-friendly, free!)... and bam - you rock it!

You have your first bitcoin or close to it.

What you do next... do you go with 5k in a poker room with blinds $250/$500 - where your average guy has $50,000- $100,000 stacks?

Do you play with bitcoin players? Waiting on slow gains?


Do you play with alts like most?


You go to fucking micro caps where you matter!

And then you use what you learnt from pros - from this channel, Blockchain Whispers baby, and you study.

You put your small portfolio to your advantage - invest in small cap stuff that whales can't invest in. You become the whale in the room.

The key here is to study, to outstudy everyone else at that level, to outanalyse, to out-control emotionally.

Look, the easiest way is to tell yourself:

There Are NO Strippers!

Once you get that idea in your mind that you can lose all, you tend to relax... even if you actually consider it gone. That helps newbies control emotions.

Then the next step is to learn about portfolio management. While with alts - if you want to go aggressive you go into fewer stuff, with microalts, microcaps you actually make your portfolio bigger - you invest in more as we are here not chasing 30%, we are chasing 10x, and one 10x makes up for the 9 coins that completely fail, although that doesn't happen that much that the coin loses it's complete value. Heck, you can even trade Bitconnect still lol.

Then with the analysis, education, right channel to follow, everything in play -- what you do then?

Then you invest.

You have to give it until at LEAST - december this year. Why December? Because it's the most bullish month in crypto this year.

There are pretty solid predictions the bitcoin will exceed $50,000 this year. We at Blockchain Whispers have more advanced data that we will share in the months to come, for now... just imagine the following scenario:

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