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Here's Your Blockchain Whispers BETA The Liquidator Bot Update: 10:36AM 04262018 BTC / USD -...

consensus: DOWN probability 68.5%

Social TA talk (Tw,Fb,Rd,Bg,Tg)
Up : 67.8% Down: 68.6%
(Combined sentiments of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Blog, Telegram)

Trendview top TA talk
Up: 66.3% Down: 68.9%
(Combined sentiments of Trendview)

Long :8805-8992 -66.2%
Current :8825.67
Short :8785-8688-68.3%

( % shows Probability of occurrence of that range ONCE IT HITS. Higher the % trend direction likely to follow accordingly)

Regarding range - bot averages, so this range numbers isn't your exit point, consider to exit before or even after if things go good - as you know if 3 men go to a bar and one orders 2 beers one 3 and one 6, the average is 3.6 although nobody ordered 3 and half beers.

This is trading, do your own research, trade at your own risk.