He Made $50,000.000+ Trading Crypto As A Retail Trader, Now He Warns!

Not every rich guy got rich by knowing business...

You must get that first.

Mark Zuckerberg for example. Why would you want to learn about business from him?

He did one project, got lucky, got rich. 

Lottery winner. Why would you want to learn business from them?

I am saying this because what you're about to read you might not like, but I want you to know that just because some guy who made it big said it, it doesn't have to be true.


We had huge guys in crypto who couldn't predict the price for life of it..

Michael Novogratz

Binance CZ

John Mcafee 

Just to name a few...


Making it big, doesn't mean you know it. Knowing it gives repeatability, reliability and stability.

For making it big, it takes action and luck. The more knowledge you have the less luck you need to get the same effect.

What I learned in 2018 where I tested more crypto traders than anyone else on the planet, is that luck cycles change... and then all those cocky guys disappear or dip their head in sand after a while. I spent a bunch of money, a bunch... maintaining Blockchain Whispers as the most accurate crypto signals service on the planet.  At times I didn't change fast enough. At other times I trusted loner than I should. So I am telling you all this that you know, whenever you hear something that you don't agree with, that you don't believe it is set in stone, or that you allow anyone to tell you what of your dreams are achievable and which aren't.

He said:

"Crypto Is Dead!"

Whenever I hear such thing I ask them: "Why?" 

Because although I might not share (and I don't!) share their opinion, I may stumble upon something valuable (as you're about to discover later I did!).

He said - well, all the crypto guys (he meant the coin makers),... they reached their numbers - there is no more motivation to do anything.

He sold his last 17k eth at $100 and he is out, completely.

He said, there is no need for crypto to have such huge valuation, that there is no use.

I do agree with him that most tokens are useless... they will disappear. However, I don't agree the crypto is dead. I don't agree that top projects are dead or that they will be dead.

Now, I am a guy who came to crypto rich and spent almost all his money in Whispers and getting the edge. He is a guy who made $50 million in crypto. So I won't blame you if you believe him. Knowing nothing else, I would too. This is why I share this story objectively with you so you decide.

What D Man Expects?

Answer this: USA and China go to war, which country wins?
Sweden and Greece go to war, which country wins?
Heck... USA and Russia together join forces and go attack North Korea... 

... which side wins?

If you ask me, the answer is neither.

There is no winners in war. Casualties are suffered on both sides (except if they fought without one single loss)...and both sides are losers.

Don't believe me?

Answer this: Would you as country Z rather attack an enemy X now or just after it has a fight, in which you know it will WIN against the enemy Y?

Would you fight Fedor, if you had to, now or you'd enter just after his match when he is exhausted, beaten, etc.. ?

Your odds are better after the fight... because every war has only losers... on both sides.

The same happens with crypto now.

What is crypto?

It is a NEW thing.

Funds that came cocky, conservative, suits and ties with hedge funds history... they lost BILLIONS... dipping like a brick in crypto.

Newbies that didn't know shit... lost a bunch in crypto.

The thing is... Banks believe crypto is the same as every other instrument they traded... and that is true unless if you realize.. crypto is a REVOLUTION!

An awakening of people. A stand against the big brother, a tyranny of the banks and having to beg bank to take your money and to transfer it to other side and to take the commission on it - the money which they printed by the way - at their own convenience.

Banks do push and crash crypto since when?

I told you when, com'on try thinking harder....

Since the ability to short it, correct!

And banks are like Mayweather... undisputed, rich, good at their game... 
and can crush little cocky McGreggor easily... IN BOXING!


But what banks don't realize is that crypto is not boxing... they did box on currencies, on gold, on stocks... but now, for the first time, this is not their arena. They don't know what they are in for.

This is what I believe will happen.

Banks will cause more damage... they will push btc down in 2k areas, maybe even 1k areas...

but the plan of the bankers is to push Bitcoin to $100 and under areas. Yes, this is not a Mcafee rant, this is well researched insider-oriented intel. Banks expect $100 btc.

And the banks will never get it.

This just isn't another instrument they traded. They fail to realize it can't be compared to gold, it can't be compared to stocks or other currencies.

Once mcgreggor can start choking, throwing, leg-kicking Mayweather, the guy is going down... we just have to wait for the jude, which is bribed a bit we must admit, held by the balls... to allow institutions to start entering crypto.

Banks are rushing to defeat crypto before that time. As there is no meat for them. All their 1000+ year system is going to shit. How are they going to fuck you in crypto?

They will, their superior capital, legislation-connections etc... will always be in better position vs common man... but nowhere near of what they got used to. No printing of bitcoin, no monitoring of what you bought to your mistress, no exclusivity on mining fees (having the only asic miner in the world)...

Bye Bye Big Banks!

So this is what they are fighting.

Let's analyze our opponent

Mayweather (or the banks):

  • superior in legislation - own the legislation world for now
  • superior in capital: David vs Goliath... cat vs dog
  • superior in experience: best traders, best programs are on the side of the banks
  • superior in patience - retailers are hungry, needing to feed families.. banks can play 5 year positions without a breeze
  • superior in crowd control - or are they? 

    Remember they tried their best when crypto took off to inform people through every source (Warren Buffett, JP Morgan f**ers that now enter crypto, many many news from big tradin guys) to say crypto is a scam a bubble etc... and the fact was... crypto wasn't a bubble until late 2017 when they got the ability to short it institutionally on Wall Street etc. They MADE it a bubble so they could buy time. Time to prepare, as these are the strengths of 

Mcgreggor (the people):

  • superior in speed of adoption - retail just does it. No need for bord comitees approvals etc.
  • superior in people support - think Russia... nobody ever won war against Russia because they would miscalculate the will of the people and the cold they are used to enduring.
  • superior in technology - without technology, nothing... would... happen. If it had any legal channels, to do it without the help of technology THEY CANNOT CONTROL... they would jail Satoshi the moment it appeared as a threat. Jails, policing, etc... is their weapons. Kid yourself not. That anti-money-laundering report is not to prevent 0.001% of ml criminals out there... but it's to 1) make sure you pay all the taxes they strongly need and 2) that they control you - know where you are what you eat, fuck, drive... Criminals? what criminals... Criminals are the first to avoid money laundering problems by making a fake passport. It is us, the good people you, me, your close friends... that pay the price.
    Ass checking on the airports? Brother - tell me HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE KILLED on a daily basis by STEALING 2 hrs per person per flight every single day... compared to one or five idiots going to crash planes?  5 idiots x 100 people in plane = 500. versus 5 million passengers per day x 2hrs delay due to stupid checks = 10 million hours. They kill people every single day. I'd rather risk odds of 1:100,000+ to get killed in a plane than to have to stand in the line like a tool answering a fat chick who packed my bag although they will regardless of that check it or not check it. Taking shoes off to do screening, being monitored on every move... but the average guy doesn't think that way. Average guy let them ass fuck him and build such system. Average guy started to like it getting it up the ass so that it only comes back asking for more - more rules, more control, more tying of your movement.

So who will win?


Bitcoin will fall. And yet bitcoin will not fall as low as they want it to fall.

Loss - loss.

Now, will bitcoin rise? I am sure one crypto will rise - it's like my dog that couple days ago fucked a bitch for the first time - he liked it, and now he goes and fucks everything - a tree, a mailman, a pillow... people tasted it!

The feeling... of hey my dick got up let me transfer $100 to a friend in other part of the world, without telling anyone what he is buying and why I'm transferring it... bam, 10 seconds later, he got the transfer, 10 minutes later the first confirmation is there.. no banks, no bullshit. Done.

You think people will ever go back to stupid swift?

If they do, I give up on society.

And now... think of how many trillion strong is the fighting power in the amount banks can lose once crypto goes mainstream? No swifts, no printing fiat, no holding in the bank...


So is crypto going to die? It depends on us. Starting with me and you.

Blockchain Whispers,


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  • 167
7m ago
You keep rocking Dman! i follow liberty!
  • 877
7m ago
I will share this article with my network. Long Live Crypto. Long Live BCW
  • 133
7m ago
D Man, Thanks for the Intel. Me....... I'm thinking a major bank is going to tank. A.K.A. 2008/Lehman bros and AIG caused GRIEF. Crypto is the next wave because of more control........ CONTROL! YES, from Ledger or Blockchain wallet to chip on your person. Just give it time. Than via their chain, they gots ya!!! You knows...." for no man might buy or sell save he has the mark". We're safe until the Jews build the Third Temple and that will be the last one and then all hell's going to break loose in the meantime let's make some money trading crypto Bitcoin and look for some Natasha's. I miss the occasional banter with you but I understand how busy you've been trying to keep everybody in the black. Harold, that damned coal miner. Oh and on a lighter note I'm pretty sure the Standard & Poor's 500 Index had a death cross this past November just from an inside pit Trader that I know that I met in the trading room sometime back and we became friends. Like always I have a tendency to be a bit off the wall but only He Who Dares succeeds.
  • 129
7m ago
nice one! let's show them that they can't win on this turf!
  • 378
7m ago
We are always beside you, D Man. Keep rocking!
  • 180
7m ago
Will D man that's true bankers will try their best to fu**k us coz their whole fancy world will collapse ,but me and u and all our friends in crypto who believe in it will win at the end. Keep going my friend
  • 70
7m ago
There will always be people on both sides. I am in it for long term..So I cut the noise. I am very sure CryptoCurrency is going to be Big thing. Blockchain even Bigger. But it will take time & will be worth it.
  • 259
7m ago
"At first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". Crypto has been ignored, banks laughed at crypto, called it a scam, then they fought with FUD, now JPM is launching a shitcoin,pegged to dirty fiat. IMO, thats a win. BTC will go up and down but I think banks have delayed progress enough to fill their pockets, create their own shitcoins, create their funds etc, etc. Personally, I dont think we will see 2k. I hope we do as I will load up more but with such "FOMO" news like Morgan Creek and JPM launching their own shitcoin (in turn, admitting blockchain has a use), I think we have seen the bottom. Just my 2 sats...
  • 259
7m ago
For clarification, I meant the Morgan Creek news around pension funds, not that they also created a shitcoin.
  • 283
7m ago
Wao! This is revealing. Bitcoin is like water locked up in a dam. The pressure keeps build up until the dam could no longer hold it. And what happens next? The dam cracks and the next thing, there is an explosion of water rushing through. Bitcoin will surely get there
Firebeard Jeff
  • 140
7m ago
Good skills Dman! We are living in some very exciting unprecedented times. Can't wait to see what the next. Decade brings! It's gonna be fun riding the crypto roller-coaster that's for sure.
  • 517
7m ago
Great read! It is up to us. Each and every one of us. We hsve to keep the pressure on the PTB and HODL. Keeping my keys UNTIL!