Have you ever wondered why a coin can be so lovingly bought one day... yet so insensitively...

discarded the next?

What changes cause this behaviour?

Sure, some incredible news about a coin might surface one day. On the other hand, some coin might prove to be shit the next day.

I'm not talking about external influences like these...

I mean over the course of normal market trading?

A bunch of you asked, after you saw my psychology-based analyst outperforming others by miles, more information about some of the psychology that affects us human beings during a trade.

I get it...

Knowing this stuff is powerful. I mean, it is a big part of our analysis before we recommend coins to our fantastic group members.


"Wy is a coin lovingly bought one day, but indiscriminately sold the next day?"

Well, let's talk about humans in general for a second.

We are very, VERY social creatures.

We come together to support sports teams. We ask our friends to recommend the best restaurants in town.

Looking to others for confort and guidance isn't a new thing in this world.

It is another psychological tendency engrained into us all.

Sometimes though, we don't notice it being used...

Think about your favourite comedy television series for a second. Most comedies nowadays have the all-annoying "canned laughter" inserted into the show.

But why?

Don't the producers know how annoying it is?


But they also realise how powerful it is.

Have you ever been with a group of friends, and started laughing at a joke - simply because everyone else started laughing? Welcome to the power of a group, my friend.

Canned laughter is added to television in order to make you laugh more. It's quite subconscious, but research proves it to work over and over again. (Otherwise why else would they keep on using it?)

I'm sure you are starting to get the idea of my message to you.

When other people see a coin being sold, they wonder what information they've missed out on.

Even if it is nothing at all.

Remember... This is an engrained psychological tendency in humans. And we've previously established that not all of our habits are good for us.

So you sell your coin.

Then Jimmy, the crypto expert realizes you were a sucker and the coin is too low and he buys... he profits. You don't.

Then you see the coin pumping because he just bought shitload because he knows it's undervalued... then you buy expecting to go more up, and it does... and then another guy starts buying, but now you all think ok this is going to grow, but now Jimmy sells his large position...

... and like always you're at the wrong end of that spiral, thinking you just missed by a lucky instant.

You didn't.

You need to get your shit in order. Emotions rule trading. Remember this: if you see shit moving, and you move because of that you're what I taught you yesterday, REACTIVE.

The only way to win BIG is to be proactive, so that you know when the trade happens and that others follow you.

Look at this free channel in history when I had enough time to post charts - I signalled you to buy at the fucking ROCK BOTTOM... and then to sell at the higher peak.

One - luck?

two, three - much luck?

eight... nine in a ROW... there must be something more in than just a luck.

I sold my personal bitcoin 34$ shy to its all time high. For that I don't have a record and you don't have to take my word for it, but I do have a record in this channel for BTG - all time high, for a bunch of coins buying top low selling top high... why?


There is one good saying in poker...

When you sit at a table, look around.

If you don't notice a fish (bad player) - then you're one.

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