Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I am fortunate to have Blockchain Whispers followers from around the globe.

Due to different timezones, some will start celebrating New Year soon.


To my Chinese friends: Wo Chon Youn Hon!

In other words - we will wish your NY later!

This year I want, actually no... I wish... some things for you:

1) To applaud yourself for entering the cage with the tiger.. and surviving! You, me, we as the underdogs fought against the big banks, big huge machines... and they punched and punched... and fuckers didn't knock us down. They beat us, but they also did most of the damage they could. The weak quit... and us remaining... not much more they can do - we are unshakeable.

2) Realize that the coins you lost this year (and I assume that you did experience some losses as the market in whole took a huge losses - small alts up to 100%, alts 90%, bitcoin 20k to 3.3k what is it 70-80%?.... it is a small price you paid to gain insight into how the market works. You my friend have gotten READY FOR THE NEXT BULL RUN! Where you won't only gain to lose at the end of the run... but where you will earn to stay, to prosper, to glory... to make your all financial dreams come true and more... to make this year's the most inexpensive lesson you ever took... because you were BRAVE and BELIEVING!

3) And now realize you are alive and there is a whole new year ahead of you - now plan how you want to approach it, maybe eat less cookies... train more.... use condoms on prostitutes...


Whatever it is you set yourself as a goal... I wish you a Happy New Year!


In my eyes, you're a winner! You got into a new revolutionary technology while most people on the street don't know what the fuck it even is. They have 'heard' of it.

You are the early adopter. It aint easy, but it's respect-commanding and most probably in this year or the next... richly rewarding.

Now, have fun, bang some chicks.. (trust me, they are for some reason THE EASIEST ON NY!), kiss her three times to wish her a happy new year, and then take her home to show her your guitar.

Be brave! You can always blame it on being drunk later on!

Yours with Natashas, Crypto Dream And The Road That Takes Us There!

Happy New Year,

D Man

P.S. Some bad mouths might say I wrote this note before I get drunk ;)
P.P.S. And they would be so right!
P.P.P.S. And so should you!


I already like this 2019!

And when you see... when you get back to your senses, wake up... take a couple days off... around 7th Jan - I will show you what I built for you, so that we get working early on. I call the whole goodies package Blockchain Whispers 2.0. And trust me, when I say it's amazing and that this will probably get us through that road to crypto success on fast pace and with lots of fun.
This I have been building for months of slow, bear months of 2018... you can just guess how powerful it is - and it's all for you because you are Blockchain Whispers Baby and I love you!

Now, fuck off - daddy got some chicas to attend to! 

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1 year ago ago
Haha thanks D, happy new year to you too wherever you may be! 
1 year ago ago
You are so cool! Thank you D Man! Happy New Year to You too! Happy New Year BE team! Now and forever!
1 year ago ago
BE no, i meant BW for Blockchain Whispers Team, sorry for typo ;) Happy New Year Team/!
1 year ago ago
Happy and Profitable New Year to evryone
1 year ago ago
A very happy new year 2019 to Dman and all my friends across globe...
1 year ago ago
A very happy new year 2019 to Dman and all my friends across globe...
1 year ago ago
Happy New Years D-Man and rest of BCW crew! I want to thank you for all the knowledge you've shared with us over the last year as it has been eye-opening and gave me the motivation to continue my crypto journey during those times when I almost gave up! So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU D-MAN! Much love and respect from Denver, Colorado, USA...
1 year ago ago
A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!
1 year ago ago
Happy New Year to you DMan and the great team you have. 2019 baby!
1 year ago ago
What a gift D Man & CryptoAlfred have given us. ThankYou