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Guys, you know there has been that only unicorn this year that I didn't hit... BlockchainWhispers...

became (in)famous for my super-accurate btc calls, and I hit them ALL NINE this year, except that one... that 6000 point... and now for the second time, the odds are great btc will finally bang that chick. I see 6000 again.

Note: this 6000 was my only inaccurate call this year on btc - I made first calls about btc falls in january when nobody thought this could happen, spot-on, point on every time. The only one I missed was this 6000 and I am again calling for it, as I simply see it. Btc listens to me, but if you've watched the movie Gone in 60 seconds - this is like my Eleanor - my unicorn which made me troubles and yet here I am returning to her... 6000 here we come. I'm in usdt.

BlockchainWhispers baby!