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Guys, why am I so good to you? Yup, no cockiness, I'm good - I share what others don't and I do it...

for a reason.

So that you can do me a favor when the time comes.

One favor is now - in terms of trusting me, talking about something that is not benefiting you on the short term.


They are bluffing they don't want it.
they are bluffing it will collapse.

Worst thing it can prolong the process by two years — the WORST absolute worst possible scenario.

Don't you think they would collapse bitcoin already if they could?

Scroll the historic news - they did call it fraud, scam... they did want to catch Satoshi and use their powers on him... or them.

Be smart — in the not so long run — you held stocks or something for longer times than that — whatever you do, don't sell bitcoin away — they are accumulating, and they shouldn't get cheap.

Your bitcoin now will be worth much much more than it is now.

Do something else. Do not sell your coins. The more resistence they have when buying.... the shorter this ass-fucking by the governments and their banking friends lobbysits, owners,.. will last.

And as soon as they realize we are at victory, the bullish hyper run begins!

Long live crypto,

P.S. Feel free to share with your friends at panic, with groups that need extra confidence - because it's a game of outsmarting - and who are they trying to outsmart by bluffing a collapse? you! Who is going to resist and resist until 20-50-80-100k bitcoin? YOU!

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