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Guys, sorry I'm behind on all your messages, can't answer it all and trade - I thank you for all...

the support, appreciation, intel...

For me to consider intel useful for the group, it must be zero-day news, ie - nobody else should have it before, like the insider we made today in Premium
about exchange listing, or a couple coin makers contacted me about their upcoming plans etc.

If I sound rude, I'm not, not my intention - I'm just working 20 hrs and want to give you an answer, so can't start with "how are you" because it's a luxury again for me to have to go over to your chat box and open it again and reply. And still want to stay in touch with you. Many at this level stop responding etc, and I am spending hours daily to show my appreciation for your support. So if the message is delayed, or if I miss it... sorry, it's just too many.

And to those who start with "what do you think about..." you're obviously not getting an answer.
Or those lazy enough to read this channel in full and consider putting their money in crypto - and then ask me about something answered in this channel already. I have a bunch of messages which I don't have time to screenshot all, from people who read this whole channel and said by just reading their game, expectation, approach to crypto trading has leveled up. See for yourself. Pornhub can wait.