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Guys read what European Central Bank Has To Say About Bitcoin, and Then Please Read The Comments...

— I am So Glad People Are Awake:

To answer their comments:
1) Bitcoin not widely accepted? It's new and it's more accepted by the day
2) Noone is backing it? Of course because it's not a crooked mechanism that needs someone's backing or word for it. It's built on trustless system that is transparent and fuck-proof
3) Users are not protected? That's the biggest joke of all — How am I really protected when using Euro? I can't send it without you knowing where and why, you took away 500 euro notes because you want to force more non-cash transactions so you have bigger control, how exactly
4) This is the biggest of all - Bitcoin is volatile — yes it is especially since you recognized it as a threat and started with cartels manipulating the price...

P.S. I'm aware this is old tweet by ECB, just was so funny to see the comments.