Guys, many have shown me an article about my competitor Bravado organizing some plot for pumping...

dumping controlling prices, I haven't even read it in full.
Three things to say:
1) they are good guys. They try their best in crypto.
2) they said they didn't do it but it's a fabrication. I don't judge.
3) even if it would be true it wouldn't be anything out of earth — Bravado guys never acted as pumper and dumpers... they developped a biz in different ways, so making it pump and dump would be counter productive for them. Just look at them they are uptight they probably even close eyes when I say about titfucking strippers... so I think that article was made just with an intent do discredit them. Even though they are my competitors, I want to protect them from deliberate and obvious attempt to discredit them and score some points.

I might be mistaken, the article might have been written with good intention, however - it seems attention-seeking.

In crypto you must understand a lot of NEW people come. People who know nothing about investing. Some of those people don't take responsibility and who they blame - they blame onto someone else — because they are never a problem.

For example, I get daily 400-800+ pms. I am crazy about sorting through all of them. Among them I have to make deal with all sorts of people... from really good honest awesome people that motivate me to greedy jealous scum of the Earth... I do it all, but I am the only one who does it - it's humanly impossible to be answering it always etc...

and imagine a scenario when fake "D man" was cruising around trying to scam people — if I don't respond - I become the scammer?

Guys, you must understand — in crypto it is about profit. I have this free group because I love people. But most of people here wouldn't join if they wouldn't see profits I can generate them. Some would. Some would appreciate my teachings etc, but most... most are like: "hey dman we love you give us the next coin", like a hooked junkie begging for a fix. Taking zero responsibility.

So were Bravado preparing to do some pump dump plot - I seriously doubt it.

For example, when I fired one employee for inaccuracy, he started yelling that THETA is a pump and dump that it's all pump and dump etc... of course it didn't stick because I'm the most anti pump-dump person you know. I am the only one teaching you how to avoid it, by looking at charts. The only one telling you not to buy a pump etc. And DELIBERATELY spreading buying times by making you read my book first, or giving it at different times so that the pump is smaller and that everyone gets at a good rate. We talk about long term coins,

When I give a trading coin, I can't plan a campaign — and you obviously love the rush of it going up, but again, it's not a dump coin, it's a buy within the buyzone given and sell within the sellzone given.

So I, as the clearest, most honest crypto person on the planet, tell you — think before you judge who it comes from.

I can make at least 10 screenshots of myself telling stuff that sound like shit but when you know the right contest you know it's a different story. I am lucky, fortunate to have a trust of community thanks for my volounteer work here on this channel, so you know through education, especially longer followers where I stand for. My competitors are not so fortunate, so as a colleague I decided to intervene and to ask you to think about what you read.

Pump and dump group is super fucking easy to create. That's a fact. Probably easier than it was to create a business for them.
Then, pump and dump groups usually work like this: they all go to invest in the same second on the shitty coin, they brag how they pump it and then they dump it... and they are done. No ta, no fundamentals, no care where they invest in...

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