Guys, I must check something with you: people don't like bad news in general. Who does? Now,...

our most professional trends, chartings, intel... all suggests that there is a bear hidden in the cave wanting to pull bitcoin down.

Now, is this something you want me announcing? Because I have noticed you are the most sensitive to these news and we cannot predict it to the minute when the downtrend will begin. If we could, in ten or thousand trades we would own all the bitcoin in the world.

On the other hand we can give you charts, levels.

Here they are our above average confidence prediction:
12,000 then down (12200 resistance)
12,800 then down
Thursday starts the dip

Is it going to happen now or next week I cannot say. Remember 100 people control 40% of the total bitcoin; I cannot predict when they will do something. Rest, I can.

So I ask you, do you want news like this?

Because it is sooo easy to skip btc predictions for you guys especially when negative. I cannot gain ANYTHING by telling you this, but my ethics dont allow me not to warn you.

Until now 4 times, last 4 dips I have been accurate to the $50 point. This one is a different beast and I cannot tell you when, but like a magnet it is pulling the btc down.

So for me to be able to talk with you with respect you must understand the concept of odds.

To demonstrate you that, it is best you go on YouTube and watch World Series of Poker.

There you will see best poker players in the world, and yet even newbie players can win their money making worse decission but getting temporary lucky streak.

The odds are... what makes the same 50 people change at the final table after thousands are eliminated.

In other words, they have chances in their favor! They dont win always despites having two aces going all in pre flop against the guy with 7-2.

So when I know the best decision is to prepare and think in terms of the crash, and it doesnt happen immediately, some members are pissed. So now I ask you to vote and decide: should I warn you of the dangers if the odds of it happening are above 60% or not?

In this case, 74% (comparable to having 2 aces vs 7-2)

Please thumb up to be informed about such things and thumb down not to be. I will respect your wishes.

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