Guys, I'll lower my activity a bit on the channel, I want to focus on trading. Can't answer all...

messages, thank you for your great and kind support.

Now I want to tell you one thing as the bullish times are ahead of us. Remember who was accurate in bearish times. It means that person or a team understands the market. In bullish times, many gamble, some win, and most have to pay the cost of trusting wrong people.

If you make 2x and you could have 5-6x - it means you lost. Lost compared to what you could have earned.

so remember who was accurate in bears, you have the biggest odds with that one in bulls too!

Out of all the noise you can be sucked into some realities... but remember, when things were bullish as fuck last year end last year and january is beinning, my hands are shaking but my moral says I must warn you to get out of the market. I was one of the first ones to tell you to get out - and bam the first dip happened, then I warned you again, and the second dip happened... in these 10 weeks of bears I had just one week where my team was not at it's peak where we were adjusting... as you see we more than adjusted... I don't care now whether bear or bull market... because we rock in both!

Many of you learned with me team how to invest.

I taught you how to look at things, how to buy how to sell.

I brought you great additions of top traders in the team. You loved Peter, and Peter is now with us. I liked the fact EXCAVO is #1 on tradingview, so I brought him in, so we have whales and TA platform covered. about a month before that I got someone I'm truly proud of, my top analyst who got us ZIL and BRZ and others... my internal team that gave you all those accurate calls, and yesterday one of my gem talents who I'm proud of and I think he will make even stronger.

Here I met some great people. People who introduced me to good people, who refered, promoted our book, our channel, people who shared insiders, truly grateful people...

I learned (and still learning) how with great success comes the pressure from many lowlifes who don't do anything themselves but also don't want others to do anything. These things threw me off balance a lot but your great support brought me back on track, every time.

I want to focus now more on trading. I hope majority of you learned what it means investing. If a coin is recommended and tomorrow goes down, it means nothing if it is a Q2 or Q3 coin that could come to fruitation in 3-6 months. I tend to adjust to you to give you short term things and I succeeded, however my ethics didn't allow me to give you just any coin, I gave you only those that had double-safety that are good projects also or have good news in case you miss out.

Now - I want to take a break, focus on investing, trading, research - I love research and recently didn't have time to do it myself but to rely on my great team. I want to focus and work more with my premium channel who I put in plan b while fighting with unimportant things like leakers and naysayers. I did win battles with them, but on the larger scale I didn't win because instead of focusing on what got me your loyalty and respect I was playing with kids.

I learned facts of life while I taught you trading.

In this channel - my goal was to give you enough so you get to join premium. Who followed it intelligently - managed to do it. I will continue doing so, however I will take a big break. Time for me to focus on trading. To provide great service to my premium members. To work with my team. You are always welcome to join premium family by contacting our crazy bot @bwregisterbot

Here I will continue providing periodic updates - I think you had enough screenshots - it takes time to do so and I think I am like 100 years ahead any other channel in terms of social proof and recognition.

Thank you for everything guys - I am now focusing more energy on trading.

Sorry to those who I didn't get to answer yet - eventually I'll catch up with all the messages.

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