Guys, I am pissed off by stupidity of some: I ask you this, how can someone who was fired...

because he was the most inaccurate trader, be giving lectures on trading?

He doesn't know how to trade for himself.

Guys, it is at your risk if you follow incapable traders.

Please - be aware of horoscope readers. I love some of my competitors because they are true. Some are just doing a business not going anywhere, and some are just flat out greedy scum that do nothing good.

Do I need to tell you basics?

Fucking get a track record!!!

Be aware of the most important problem - when you see charts as predictions most bad traders give you a 'conditional horoscope'

"we see this that if this then that maybe this or maybe that"

It is not a call.

This is a call:

"When btc touches 7200, buy... sell at 8000. If it falls bellow 7100 stoploss." - this is the call that my premium group got yesterday and many did leveraged trade and made shitload of money.

So if you follow wrong people, it is your responsibility.

You know the saying - fool and his money separate quickly.

I don't have time for stories and this cannot benefit me in any way but I am saying this because I care about you and you realized this - just see at all the screenshots from people - it is just a FRACTION of what I get!

I get this because I genuinely care + because I know

The best traders in the world for crypto (Bear in mind, crypto is new - so no multi-billion dollar funds know better than us)... who I respected, I got.

I was ultra fortunate to get both powerhouses: Peter AND Excavo because they represent different things. Then, I have probably the most valuable guy in crypto - my top analyst - he is more in the shadows, doesn't like to expose himself, but banks are ordering stuff from him... so you know the quality of his intel and conclusions.

Then you have me, who gave the most accurate btc predictions this year - far ahead of every and anyone else. IT's a fact, all proven here if you followed this channel for some time.

Then you have my team + my traders.

IT's all a new team.

And as a cream of the pie, you have my genuine care for your wellbeing... so I am warning you as a friend - know who you listen to. Do your homework.

"bulls fight at 384 bears at 393 we might see btc at 294, or it will fall to 111" - it is shit - not a call. ANYONE can read support and resistence levels. IT is entry level - how can you get an edge if you do what everyone else is doing?"

Fuck, I want to do a video to explain you how to do basic charting, it's simple... stupid simple... but as with anything that every Joe knows to do - it's next to useless. As you've seen in the recent movements.

I always ask my traders when they come up to me with a call in bearish times: "did you take into account the btc movement" - because if they haven't - what's the use of alt going 20% up when btc will wipe it off in it's sudden movement.

People pay for my premium, but that's the cheapest, most affordable investment in crypto they can ever make - because to most, who do their homework, it historically made good money. And I hope will continue doing so in the future.

The most expensive "premium" is the one that is wrong or the free channels that convince you to invest into something that fails miserably.

You are responsible for your own success.

I'm here to help. I'm here to guide.

At the end of the day, it's you, and your money.

This is my only warning - if you listen to 'horoscope guys' - well good luck...

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