Your Portfolio:

Guys, how you can earn your first Bitcoin? We all came here with something earned I had a great...

business helping people with natural way of life until I gave it all to the manager
and went into crypto that was making me nothing at a time, was just something I found my passion in (again!)

Yesterday I got a question from one creative youtuber if I can get him the referral code (ie. register him in our referral program)
he or she said will start the youtube channel and promote our tips.

So can you - on YouTube; Facebook; Twitter - talk about Blockchain Whispers and what you witness here

For each premium member who will use your code - they get $50 discount, and you get $200. (after the second person you refer so you can't give it to yourself)

100 members and you have two bitcoins to play with.

We all started somewhere. I started this channel with 0.001 premium membership then 0.01 then 0.1

There are no short-cuts if you want it real. That's why it's important you do it with passion.

To join for our referral program, contact @cryptoalfred - write about your promotion idea and paste your telegram username.

We all come here with equal chances - some use their opportunity and in no time, before they turn around - they see themselves at the top.


However, you must love what you're doing - I had so much fun helping you guys trade, my whale partners told me why I am doing it,
it wasn't making me money at a time and consumed a lot, now they all support me. And to me.. because it was so much... it seemed
like a blink of an eye!

So can you!