Guys - here's D Man's rules of a thumb: 1) If you spend less than 6 hours on the market a day, do...

NOT daytrade. Ever.
Don't buy a coin you're not ready to hold at least 3 weeks. Here's why:
You're slow, you're making reckless decisions when thing go south, you sell on a winning trades, stay on a losing trades.

MOST GUYS, recreational traders should love 3 week+ calls. They allow you time to buy in, etc. That's why you should actually take a membership for at least 3 months - because then you're relaxed - and then you judge on the calls and performance.

I see so many, so so many making stupid pull outs of the market due to panic.

2) If I ever get a question on what exchange a coin is - and it IS listed on - I will ban you. Period. You are too stupid of an investor for me to be dealing with you. Shows me you are GAMBLING your money, and not caring about your money nor about crypto. For people like you crypto gets on a bad conotation.

3) Again, never invest what you can't afford.

4) Don't pm me for custom advice, as I never give it. It's impossible to advise 11,000 ACTIVE people, so don't attempt it. It just shows disrespect. I have a free group and I am sharing more with you ALWAYS than you with me. If you have something REALLY good, feel free to msg me. I will always respect your wishes regarding sharing yes or no.

5) Please, if you are not absolutely BLOWN AWAY happy with this group, unsubscribe. I don't need you. I saw some rich jerks showing me their portfolios and thinking I am here to serve him. I am here to serve the community. If I could be bought, it would be done long time ago as you know I quit trading for whales (paying much more than premium membership does), and I am the only of the 7 partners who is dealing with you guys - but I love this community and I love you.

6) Remember to share some love. It's having great lives... and I bet you wouldn't feel too good if you made money by doing something you have no idea by pushing a button some guy told you to push... or by stealing or by pumping. I am very against pump and dumps and my channel will NEVER have pump and dump coins - because on a classic pump and dump, some people have to lose in order for you to win. What we do is different, we trade, we do better homework, we outsmart. And that is a fair market in my opinion. Those who don't belong in this group, are outsiders. Because this group doesn't disciminate by income - it is free. It only gives you a choice, whether to put in some homework and read it thoroughly, analyze etc - or just be waiting for some "signal" and most of the time miss out - because I somehow pack signals for those who read my every message. It's rarely first message the signal.

7) Share some successes. I want to hear it. For me it's incredibly time consuming those people who have fake gratitude like: "thank you, what's next?" - but people who really truly just say thank you for something they already GOT and are already happy for, it motivates me to keep on sharing things with you.

I do have a business of it - and I do have premium channels Lions for whales - and they did get Huawei insider first for example... but even in this group... you are insider because most people don't know we exist, they follow some youtubers who are famewhores, not knowing shit what they talk about. Look at me - I don't show my face because I don't want the spotlight. Excavo doesn't show his because he doesn't want the spotlight. We don't hide, we just don't want that anyone questions our motives. We love what we do, and we are just like you a part of community. D man is inside everyone of you... whenever you feel like helping your friend with top notch crypto info.

And with that said, always take responsibility for your own trades, and do your homework.


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