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Guys, as I said I'll continue leading you, and I love this. We start with some team love, and this...

is some love you can share with your friends, something you can give to someone and help him get started.

I decided to create Blockchain Whispers School of Crypto and grade you all accordingly.

Elementary school
High School
Live exam with our team mates and
— the goal of this journey is to be so complex and so easy to follow that by the end of the journey you become a master at such level where we can offer you immediately a job opportunity. And so tradeable that if we won't, someone else will.

Remember, since day one my aim is to arm you with knowledge, now with instant solutions.

There is a journey from here. It will be continuous but not scheduled updates as we prepare each step.

Here's your class one, for most of you older followers it's review of elementary things and more useful if you have a friend who asks you what crypto is and how to enter it:

Blockchain Whispers Baby!