GEMS on the HORIZON - First Qualified Traders!

Congratulations Blue Star CONTESTANTS!

In our DART championship, among hundreds of traders that took the challenge, FOUR traders qualified for the upcoming D.A.R.T. championship for the world's best crypto trader.



Congratulations user BUN - for making 362%+ profit across 16 trades. ZERO losses.

Bun respected r:r in most trades, and these extra couple trades make up for trades that were below 1:1, makes him earn easily the blue contestant STAR!

bun 15 wins 0 losses

User EQE
15 wins
2 losses
342% profit

status: NOT qualified because I want to see one more extra trade to justify stops placings and cancelations.

I believe he can do it, just the amount of cancelations (although within time and all) - makes me want to see an extra trade.

User gf has
233% profit
10 wins
0 losses

NOT qualified. I need a trade or two extra to make it proper risk to reward.
I think there won't be problems, especially with his current profits and stats.

user D1R has
218.53% profit
11 wins
1 loss

Successfully QUALIFIED and earned the CONTESTANT blue star!


trader 2w has
102% profit
10 wins
0 losses

has respected R:R in most of his trades, and is successfully QUALIFIED and earned the contestant blue star!

Badass crew!

trader EOZ
73% profit
17 wins
3 losses

After extension to fix the R:R has QUALIFIED and earned the blue CONTESTANT star!

Note: About EOZ I am familiar with the situation and due to other conditions that big loss trade happened reducing his score and increasing to one loss. I do know in the normal situations he would have over 150% profit and just 2 losses, but EOZ agreed with me to get an equal treatment so he needed to qualify with the current stats, which he fully did.


and that's it - a BUNCH of traders didn't qualify, yes I thank you... you are the ones, real sports that made this competition interesting.

A BUNCH of traders out there are taking it slowly and having good stats.

I know now that removing these blue contestant star traders out of DART will enable other names to shine and come to the spotlight... while I congratulate the true gems we found in this championship... that have qualified and whose trades I am excited to see in the upcoming championship.

This is Blockchain Whispers Baby,
and this we did TOGETHER!


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  • 128
1 year ago ago
Congrats to the badasses who got in!
  • 148
1 year ago ago
Congratulations all the Trader's, Your trade helped us..Thanks
  • 29
1 year ago ago
Nr1! all, gl&hf :)
  • 217
1 year ago ago
bun, d1r, Congratulations!
  • 87
1 year ago ago
Thank you, and congrats to all the traders!
  • 879
1 year ago ago
  • 879
1 year ago ago
Congratulations to All of you who Qualified as Blue Star & All the Best Wishes for the rest of us. Let the Game Continue
  • 218
1 year ago ago
It's a privilege to be there on the top. I thank each and everyone of these guys that kept pushing me for more. I couldn't be the first to qualify but we came back stronger. Love y'all
  • 189
1 year ago ago
Congratulations to all , you are lucky to be with D man ..
  • 70
1 year ago ago
Wow. The Blue star looks cool. Congrats
  • 363
1 year ago ago
Congratulations and thank you to all traders for taking the chalange
  • 73
1 year ago ago
Congrats! These guys are the man.
  • 222
1 year ago ago
Well done guys ! Congrats !
  • 423
1 year ago ago
Congrats to all great traders you guys!
  • 114
1 year ago ago
Congrats guys!
  • 237
1 year ago ago
Gooood jobs Guys!!!! Go ahead!!! Crypto is the next world...
Fools Gold
  • 553
1 year ago ago
Congrats traders! Some very nice work.
  • 189
1 year ago ago
Great job everyone. You guys deserved it to earn a star from the man.
  • 735
1 year ago ago
Congrats traders! Impressive performances.
  • 15
1 year ago ago
Congratulations blue stars!
  • 58
1 year ago ago
impressive results guys