Fundamental Analysis Trading (FA) vs. Technical Analysis (TA) in Crypto

You know I brag proudly about my top analyst.  I consider him the best analyst in crypto today and to be truly fortunate that we have by some energy met in our paths.

This year he gave you, to Premiums, and to Free channel (maybe with slight delay) a public demonstration of his power.

ZIL - before time.

BLZ - when nobody knew about it

ENG, ONT, ...

a call after call, accurate after accurate.

However his calls are not to invest and go bite your nails as they go down.  His calls are to find a nice 18-20 yo Russian Natasha or two, invest and take them to the beach, take them somewhere because your money is working for you.  Forget about it, spend a good time and then the odds are as history shows us - in a month or three it's going to be up compared to where you invested.

He doesn't even look at TA.  He doesn't know TA.  He doesn't care.

So How Accurate Is Technical Analysis (TA) In Crypto?

I have another trader, Mr. X - who is a bit weaker from analysis perspective but he does ta in combination, and what would be an 80% accuracy, turns to 95%.

EXCAVO just demonstrated 90%+ accuracy on his calls.

The Key for TA to be successful is to take into account BTC (Bitcoin) movements.

People forget that.  People don't realize it. So many folks in crypto like think Bitcoin is outside of their power.  It isn't.  It's not a bad luck.  It's bad preparation.

I don't talk about predicting the btc movement, which is hard -- I predicted eleven times accurate Bitcoin movement (more than anyone this year) and the 6000k range fucked me because we came just to 6400 and up.

I talk about Bitcoin VOLATILITY.

When Bitcoin is volatile, up or down - alts are calmer or in red.

But who the fuck tells you to FORCE the call? It's one of biggest mistakes.  Professional, TOP TA wait for the perfect setup.  

For example, Ether is at it's lowest point and no amount of btc shit can make it drop further down exponentially as it did before.  And you make the ETH call to go up... and btc drops like a brick what happens?  Well eth drops just a bit (your investment in red, calling it newbie panic) and then boom it explodes quickly back up as we witnessed.

When you combine TA and FA you get Blockchain Whispers Baby!

You get a double confirmation call that is fucking the best thing that can happen to crypto.

However, a warning:  when choosing who to trust about double confirmation (except me of course), I say trust FA only.


Because TA will tell you: "oh it's a good coin, fa is good, ta is here it's double confirmation" -- while the good FA will have criteria what he considers FA bullish coin.

Let's use logic for a moment:  If coin X announces partnership someone and you come three days after and say hey but the partnership is ongoing, it's stupid move - because everybody knows that news and people already appreciated the value to it based on how much it's 'worth' to them.  While if you do a conclusion... "hey this guy from Sia had a sister project he was involved in, we know the news Sia is having troubles with management, and he is the lead guy here -- let's assume this is going to have a problems" -- for example (don't take litterary, get the point) -- he can get FA that is AHEAD OF ITS TIME -- and he can then cash in on shorting it or give it negative points not to enter in it.

In crypto two things create profits: edge and time.

Edge and time, remember it.

If you're willing to invest now in bitcoin, just fucking hold and the chances are (as we believe in crypto) you'll get more value with time.

When trading, you need an edge.  If you don't have an edge over the others, you're a fish... and you know that fish is the most 'surprised' animal in the world -- every 12 seconds it forgets where she is and she is wondering: "oh, I'm here, okay"

Don't be a fish - invest based on bullshit logic and be watching stats like an addict.

Trust me on this, when I invest in a coin, most of the time, I don't even watch it anymore.  I can be in contact with the coin makers, or stuff, but charts I watch only when moves should occur or when I am planning to sell it. 

If I hold long term pundi and tomorrow it goes to red, I don't care... but when I come to selling point, I start doing TA and FA and all to get the best point for a sale.  Speaking of which, I know Pundi is getting listed on one new exchange -- I'd be a fool with this edge (which by the way you all have because you got it from Blockchain Whispers Baby), to sell ahead of it... only then I can decide what to do -- sell, sell partially or keep.

Blockchain Whispers Baby

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