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so in order to be profitable with this your clients have to hold it until Q2 2018.
Zilliqa (ZIL).
circulating supply: 6.508.988.220 ZIL

total supply: 12.600.000.000 ZIL

these ~6 Billion tokens habe been given to strategic partners and Pre-Sale Contributors and are mostly vested for 3 years

(except Bitcoin Suisse share of 0.63 Billion)

after the network is live and the mining starts the total supply will be 21 Billion.
these ZILs will be mined in the time frame of 10 years.

current Price: 0,058 USD$

current Marketcap: $376.063.954 USD

available on: Huobi, IDEX, Etherdelta,

only official exchange is and this is were the most volume is

they are trustworthy, i bought my share there and alreay withdrawed successfully.

Note: advise you clients to sell before Mainnet launches because mining will create a inflationary spiral at first.

Value Proposition:
one of the biggest problems in permissionless Blockchains today is Scalability.
There are some Blockchain Projects today that scale way beyond Ethereum, but in order to do so they sacrifice either Security or Decentralisation.
for example, XRP and XLM are centralised to a high degree. Their transactions are going to fewer nodes in order to be confirmed fast, and these nodes are centralized.
IOTA and Raiblocks are operating on a DAG-Concept. This approach is untested and it is far from proven that this will work in a high throughput environment. IOTA is not fully open source and nobody from outside knows what their Coordinator really does, plus their network was unavailable for 2 weeks back in November. This never happened to a public blockchain like Ethereum or Bitcoin. Raiblocks has some problems with forking their mini-Blockchains that are created with every transaction.
I think the DAG-approach is not the Solution to Scaling. And centralized Cryptocurrencies aren't either.
EOS with its distributed POS isn't good in my opinion either.
here i want to quote Vitalik Buterin:
"The problem is that if you have 100 nodes the system is much more centralized. You can denial of service them. Because you have to vote for them, the nodes that win are going to be the nodes that everyone knows. So it is much easier to attack the people running the nodes. ISPs can shut them down, companies can shut them down, governments can shut it down fairly easily. That particular path to scalability does come at a fairly high cost and that cost is that if you try to achieve scalability by having larger nodes then the number of nodes becomes much smaller is that that makes the system more centralized."

Zilliqa is the first permissionless Chain that realises the holy Trifecta of Blockchain (Scalability, Security, Decentralisation)

This Projekt is build with transaction sharding.

a concept first described in Database Optimization.

Sharding is the process of automatic splitting of a network of nodes into parallel chains called 'shards', where each shard processes a small portion of all transactions in conjunction with other shards, resulting in a microblock from each shard. These micro-blocks are then merged into one complete block that is added to the blockchain.

2017, running with 3600 nodes and 6 shards, Zilliqa has recorded a peak throughput of 2488 tx/s on its internal testnet.

Zilliqa uses PoW for etablishing Mining Identities and practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant (pBFT) consensus protocol which gives finality to transactions.

because of Sharding Zilliqa is LINEARLY scalable

The Team is too class. consists of several PhDs in Computer Science. One of the Advisors is Loi Luu (Co-founder of Kyber Network and a household name in the Ethereum Network).

he and Prateek Saxena and a few others published this scientific research paper with the University of Singapore on the subject of Sharding

Zilliqa is build on this

Saxena is part of the Team and Luu is Advisor

The Code on Github looks strong and the whitepaper is scientifically acurrate

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