Forget Alts, Buy Bitcoin! Why I don't write as much lately? People saying they are missing me. ...

Forget Alts, Buy Bitcoin!

Why I don't write as much lately?

People saying they are missing me. The fact is,.. I don't write for the sake of writing. What to write about?

I already told you and I will repeat: Alts are dangerous toy to play with now - like a profit russian roulette with not one but two bullets in the chamber. Not good long term, not good at all.

At $5900 bitcoin I made a bet with you with my money, financing the team myself until Bitcoin reaches $10,000 — there you go my strongest prediction.

"But D — when will Bitcoin reach $10,0
00?", you ask?

Within two weeks it should be at that magic 12121 I told you about.

Two weeks.

Not even full two weeks (as I consider ETF that will probably be delayed a slightly bearish news haha)

So there you have it.

And to answer your question, which alt to buy?


If you are not premium to buy 30-40% of your portfolio of one super alt that we discovered, made in bear times... forget alts... hold btc, and you can hold some zrx.

Now you're on board and in the same gameplan as top crypto pros.

If you want to trade alts now, you will then leave this pro company, and go to gambler-addicts company. Your choice.


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