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For those ‘smart’ who send me messages now saying that atl was below a dollar, first you should...

use your brain and second I talk about this cycle all time low. this year.

So fucking funny how many guys feel righteous about demanding something from me. This is a FREE group. I give because I want! The channel grows rapidly meaning it is doing something good. If you dont use me for your edge but expect a hand holding you will be disappointed. I tell you what you need to know to look at the market properly. To make less mistakes. Not avoid them completely. I give you things that you alone dont have time to cover me and you together can handle: etf, news, ... so be grateful of your friend calling you to give you a tip, not shit if he didnt come and hand held you to do something. What this channel contributes, not one single channel out there does. With that said, if you dont like what you read, fuck off and leave the channel. I only want to help good people afterall. cheers!