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Guys, D here...

You know that enemies of crypto for the people, those against you receiving truth as-is... had an easy target, to take down one account in system (Telegram) that isn't easy to communicate with by default.

The channel most likely won't get back up (premium members not affected, although for new users premium memberships are closed), and I won't make a big fight to put it.  Truth be told, it was exhausting getting that many messages per day in telegram and not being able to answer them properly like in any web platform -- but with every message answered you need to scroll back down to the unanswered messages.

I am sorry we didn't transfer more aggressively while the channel was still on, but my most loyal members know of this website and will continue communicating with me.  

We are again a small channel now, back where it was the most fun :)




P.S. If you want you can write a message to [email protected] and tell what @blockchainwhispers meant to you, and to restore @unicornmaster account...  not that it will change anything but that they maybe in the future think before backing under pressure from someone of influence.  They did it without one word of warning, because even they don't know what kind of community was built on their own platform.  Thank you.