First for new guys, please scroll through this channel - I am the only public channel I am aware of...

that predicted all 6 btc dips this year, smaller and larger. The only miss I had was when the btc didn't get to the 6k range again but to 8xxx. And even that was due to external forces.

So why is this important?

So you know who is telling you, and so you shit your pants later on when you see it accurate (again) because this time it is heavily against the crowd.

What the market will do: remain comfy in their seats, not having a fucking clue (like always)
what will whales do and pro traders do: they short and cover their positions expeting a fall after g20... as did I.


I had a nice learning lessons with probably the best futures trader on wallstreet EVER - for almost 10 hours straight!

Then we went back to the charts, my team correlated one similar and recent event - most similar to g20
the SEC hearing.

What truly happened at sec hearing - government said they will regulate you and do rectum-check on everything you do like they do always.

What did market hear - the government will protect them from bad icos (right, in what world you live if you think govenrment will make your investments more profitable - if you want less risky - go buy IBM). They were bullish. Idiots, but bullish!

I was wrong.

Nobody cares about the fact I was right.

I was wrong because if you're in a room with 99 idiots that say king is stronger than Ace in texas holdem - what are you going to do - you gotta play by they rules.

The same thing happened - the news was bad, market got sucked into politician's story - they went bullish.

So my FA team went into analysis - here's what we think will happen at this G20 meeting:

They will post it along the words: "cryptocurrency market is not our enemy, we just need to establish the right set of tools to regulate moneylaundering attempts and to protect the nation"...


While idiots, one more time, don't realize it is not a bullish event - their money laundering acts can mean anything: getting full listing of your currency standings; taxation; regulation - and YES regulation IS A BAD THING.


The fact you have to ask pisses me off, but I'll indulge you: because tell me, who benefits from regulation - small guys who just invented something amazing and would like to publish it on the market, or huge corporations with lawyers who can easily meet the demands and get their bullshit but well capitalized product launched?

Corps, correct!

And what's more profitable? Facebook ICO or some small coin ico?

If you answered Facebook, you're wrong - wrong as fuck. You think you'll 100x on facebook ico you're out of your mind.

You 100x on small mom and pop, mad scientist Jack projects... not on Apple ico.

So why I go contrarian on this g20 and I say bullish?

Because market is stupid and they will misinterpret the meaning once more.

And I have all the indicators proving it will happen like that

1) it's politicians talking - and they elected them - meaning they already are sucking into their stories
2) we had the SEC experience already
3) they already know how to pass anti-money-laundering laws.
4) worst thing that can happen if they decide on whatever crazy thing - it won't happen there - it will be a talk, and to prepared some time in the future - and the market had enough of bearish trend.
5) The only bad possible thing that could happen is that they decide to criminalize crypto - but that won't happen because already big corps have entered crypto (not yet but soon you'll see, Japanese gigants started buying in, banks in China, US vc cash and big corps, hedges entering... it ain't going to be criminalize now.

So my position is that this time you the Family go and FUCK pro-traders that are stealing your money with advanced tools you don't have at your disposal... and fuck them hard because this time, I think they will be wrong (those who aren't smart enough and be reading this channel at least).

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