Fight Your Urge To Go All In We made you, here publicly 130% pure profit if you followed the two...

Fight Your Urge To Go All In
We made you, here publicly 130% pure profit if you followed the two trades. IF you put in $1000 in a trade you got double and a change.

Now, new traders have tendency to go reckless with your portfolio.


for a reason... if you're new trader, don't put more than 5% portfolio per trade... later you can do 10%...

it's bear times, it's important to stay afloat, and every gain is worth triple as more than three people lose money these days to one winning.

Be smart. Portfolio management is second MOST IMPORTANT thing in trading.

you can be top notch, genius, out of this world that has 9.5 out of 10 trades accurate, and you will go BROKE over the course of 20 trades - statistically.

You can be barely profitable, 6 out of 10 with favorable RR and with good portfolio management you can build fortunes.

Think about that.

And think some more. If your D sees you losing money on winning trades, I'll come and kick your ass and then no Natashas for you for a while...

(or you kick mine and then continue with bad portfolio strategy).

Be smart. Control emotions. Please.

A win is a win. Rather 10% win on a 100% trade, than - 50%

let's go step by step, smart, disciplined... don't enter late.. don't forget stoplosses...

how to set a stoploss is easy: go to stop market, enter stop price, enter size, to be double sure check "close on trigger" and bam...

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