Explaining Myself - By D man

Explaining Myself - By D man

One kid has a loving mother that wants to see him happy. She gives him candies, let's him play PlayStation all day, she carries his bag in school giving him all the love she can for her loving child.

Another kid has a strong father: candies are forbidden, he must eat healthy, he must learn the basics of economics when young, he helps him with house stuff, builds and repairs with him, he can't play all day, and lives active life. He is not as happy as the first kid.

So tell me...

Would You Trade Temporary Happiness For Life Of True Happiness?

As it seems obvious to you as a spectator that the strong father figure gave the kid better chances later in life for: health due to healthy living conditions, wealth due to early education, personal strength learnt through suffering and ending up as a winner...

... does it look so obvious when it comes to YOU?

I decided to write this as due to my health alert, I got a warning that I must change something in a way I am running things, and before I do these changes, I need to explain myself. I want to.

When I found Blockchain Whispers telegram, there were many groups out there offering something that is just candies, a false statements that will damage your health or in this case wealth down the road.

"in 4pm we do pump, be there, you can make millions", "send eth here and get 5x back", "free airdrops", "btc goes up up [january]"---

a bunch of statements designed to take your money away from you.

I saw there was not one single guide explaining people what crypto is. And if I don't do something about it, sharks will take over and ordinary guys won't stand a chance. And it is dangerous for crypto itself.

So to make crypto spread, and take over the control from big banking fatcats into the hands of the people, make "mind your own business, let me transact to whom I want" transactions possible... I needed to make the channel in the sea of channels... the one that will stand out.

Blockchain Whispers quickly gained trust of you. We were 5000 people channel that outperformed 50,000 channels, due to big trust it enjoyed. By maybe 10,000 followers we already made my book Blockchain Decrypted for 2018 #1 Amazon Bestseller for investment derivates category placing it on the same page with classics like: Intelligent Investor, Millionaire Next Door, Rich Dad Poor Dad, etc.

The side effect even back then, the volume of 800 mil sia coin rised by 9% -- not a pump, but over the next three days as a result of the book. THETA by 25%... and it wasn't my intention to recommend a coin even, it was for you to understand the principle behind selecting the coins.

Teaching you, arming you, was my goal from the get go.

I just come like a strong father, who will not let you eat candies.

I never wrote you: join Premium you will do 200% in a month. I never made any earning promises. I even rejected every single guy who messaged me "how much I'll earn in a month" I answered the following:
1) It would be unprofessional of me to talk about any future earnings and you should be vary of anyone giving claims about future crypto earnings, however historically we did VERY well
2) It also depends on you, how you will understand to trade well and
3) crypto is new, and unpredictable -- any claims would be just flat out bullshit.

And yet 95% of the channels out there say how much you'll earn.

So good for them. Let me join and make some funds rather than slowly grinding here on pundi and stuff for months.

When I saw how much trust I was getting, and you being in Premium shows me your ultimate trust, I decided instead of exploiting it like other channels doing pumps, using buy power - I decided to go contrarian (which by the way is often the most profitable in trading!)... I started teaching you how to avoid pumps and dumps... I became very pump and dump unfriendly group. I have now a big premium group and we don't have many pump and dumpers -- because I'm simply not friendly for them enough -- my calls come in a long post, their bots can't understand D man as good people can; to fuck them further I mention other coins and I mention the coin to buy, so they buy wrong, to give them their medicine back; and I also give longer time to execution on trades so that even later entries have a solid chance and that no rush is nutrured. In other words - I did a full anti pump and dump environment.

However I never told you my secret...

Just because there is something in me that is against making claims and promises, I never told you what I secretly intend from the very early days of founding Blockchain Whispers.

I imagine you having silent wishes, dreams, what you would like to do with money: maybe build a house, or get a lux apartment, or get your mom an apartment or get a fucking Lambo and touch big tits for the first time in your life,...

whatever it is IT IS OKAY!

Society has taught us silently as it's a bad thing to dream big, while in fact -- if banks and the monetary system didn't steal from you at $1 real dollar used for $100 tradeable dollars for the banks -- you would have enough for the price of Prius to Buy yourself a Lambo, many times over actually. For just $10,000 you could get a $1,000,000 Bugatti Veyron if that's your thing.

Yes, that is how rich we are!

This planet is rich.

We have never, in history had more modern technology, advanced farming, so we should have more food than ever - and yet there is hunger.
We have never had more technology, machines, systems - and yet most slave their way through life.

So my goal with Blockchain Whispers was to set you free. I know there is a bunch of money to be made in crypto now that we have for the first time edge over the house... not the banks, us. Blockchain Whispers traders are better traders in crypto than big banks. We get offers by the banks, on a weekly basis. And my focus, desire, obsession became to remain on the top - a small underdog leading by a couple of miles race against multi-trillion dollar wardogs.

Fuck em!

My entire team knows this, and you'll know it now too:
"no matter who they get, they can't buy passion". We outwork them (I pushed it a bit too far, but will find the right balance), we out want them, we out perform them.

So even though they will profit with big capital plays on the masses, my goal is The more Blockchain Whispers followers the fewer people they can profit on.

Now, an inevitable happened, I can't be giving calls anymore - we became too big - see GNT call -- we gave a 7200 sell order,
it reached 7172 - because you were selling onto yourself, being stronger than this small 100 btc daily volume coin. Basically, Jimmy decided hey everyone will sell at 7200 let me do 7199, then Jon decided, hey let me do lower so we entered at 6690 and it reached 7172 -- however if I gave it when Blockchain Whispers was just 5000 members, we would have reached and outreached the 7200. So the game changed. I cannot give calls anymore. Simply can't anything but long term calls where those "smartasses" become unimportant.

I can teach you trade.

I can be the father you need to make your dream come true.

And don't be afraid to dream -- I mean why the fuck they produce Lamborghinis if noone 'should be' driving one.
You should get your family out of banking system debt. Set yourself free, build something big.

Yes, I do work with whales and I write for the masses, because I love people. It's not all about the money. Most traders would be actually embarrassed to tell how much of the Premium funds I reinvested in development, I had months when I invested more than it even came in. But I'm proud. I know why I'm doing this. This is now the most trusted crypto channel in the World - Blockchain Whispers.

You and I together, can make your dream possible. Only if, you decide and understand, you need a strong father rather than weak eat-candies type of "pump this, dump that, wen moon wat lambo" scam shit.

You must grow your individual intelect. In both ways, remember there is opportunity cost: if you listen to some guy who says D man is a scam he doesn't have premium channel he will just take your money - then you are at loss because you made a wrong decision. If you don't do anything, you are actually at loss. As time goes, and life costs...

You must equally pay attention to what you do and what you don't do. As missed opportunity is equally as important as taken.

Your goal is not to miss good opportunities, and not to get into bad ones.

To do so, you must start thinking with your own head... in the above reasoning: hey this man teaches me so much here, gave so many calls here, why the heck he wouldn't open a channel where he will give even better things -- I believe this is not a scam and I'm going for it.

Also on the other hand you should also see a "send 50 eth here and get 500 back" and you should ask yourself - where is the logic, purposes and need in this -- I'm out.

You are a lonewolf in crypto. That is why I teach you since your early days here in Blockchain Whispers to be well equipped, to know to repair, to invest, to not be impulsive, how charts work, what to expect, showing you results if you held properly, showing you why not to hold onto shitcoins, etc etc... I arm you so that you are ready for the years to come to make yourself a bright future.

Because as a candy eating baby, you can only get fat, lazy and weak.

With me, here in Blockchain Whispers, you at least stand a chance to LIVE - for the first time in your life to achieve and acquire everything you ever wanted to live happy, to be financially secure and safe so that you can focus on what you truly want and show the loving, caring, helpful being you are inside.

As I need to recover - I am even more strict on myself - now the new challenge is to limit my workday so I almost don't read PMs at all. I focus on the most important next steps of Blockchain Whispers as I have so many I want to tell you.

I will reveal now the one we are all waiting for -- and it is I am for months now building us probably the best crypto chat -- that won't make sense for the bad people as advertising, scamming, pumping won't work, and will enable good people to discuss crypto, and use the free tool I am building for you so Blockchain Whispers can become even more interactive, and beyond.

This chat will go beyond Blockchain Whispers. My desire is to make it into most useful, public crypto chat in existence, and I believe it will reach it's goal very soon from the opening.

I expect to have it ready within 10 days or so.

We are finetuning it, then launching Premium version of the chat (I am excited as I'll be able to help more of them, and now, not me, but my team -- directly Mr Y, X, C, L, ... almost an entire alphabet and Mrs. A

Also before the chat is done, or slightly after - one fun thing that you long awaited for will come too.

This is another weapon in your arsenal to achieve safety, freedom and joy this beautiful life has to offer when you are not a slave of a system - any system.

Here's for Health, Wealth And Love,

P.S. Studies have shown staring at big boobs is healthy for men, so if you know a slim chick with big boobs... send an intro to @cryptoalfred he will forward if she qualifies :) it's what my doc recommended, what can I do! Cheers!

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