Elastos ticker: ELA token: ...

own wallet
circulating supply: 5 000 000 ELA
total supply: 33 379 033 ELA
current price: $31,75 USD
marketcap: $157 652 851 USD
available: Huobi

Project Description:

Elastos aims to create a new kind of Internet, powered by blockchain technology. On this
new Internet, people will be able to own digital assets and generate wealth from them.
Elastos wants to make digital assets scarce, identifiable and tradable. Property rights pave
the way for wealth creation, and Elastos intends to build a new World Wide Web that respects
those rights.

The goal is to create an Internet that allows users to access articles, movies and games
directly, without going through a media player or another platform intermediary. Elastos will
use blockchain technology to issue IDs for digital content, making it possible to know who
owns which digital assets. On the Elastos Internet, filmmakers will know how many times
their movies were viewed. The combination of Elastos and blockchain technology lays the
foundation for a trustworthy and secure Internet of Wealth.

Elastos will be a platform for decentralized applications (Dapps) that runs on a peer-to-peer
network with no centralized control. People can access these Dapps via their mobile
phones, without changing their operating system. The old Internet is a Web of information. If
you click a URL, you get data. Elastos is creating a Web of apps. When you click a URL, you
get code. The Elastos Web will be a special economic zone where Elastos tokens function
as the base currency.

Elastos is open-source software whose development process has been sponsored by
industry giants such as the Tsinghua Science Park, the TD-SCDMA Industrial Alliance and
the Foxconn Group for more than 200 million RMB. Elastos has published more than ten
million lines of source code, including four million lines of original source code.
The Elastos public chain is clean and simple, and hidden from third-party applications
and services. Elastos prevents overload of the main chain by having a few predefined sidechains
built into the Elastos Carrier platform.

Elastos = Trustworthy Ledger + Smart Contracts + Monetizable Dapps and Digital Assets.
The Elastos blockchain is designed to use a main chain and sidechains. To avoid bloating
the main chain with unnecessary data, all the smart contracts and applications will run on
sidechains. The team will implement basic services as sidechains for global and public use. These
services include ID generation, token distribution, digital asset trading, and fast payment


The Elastos Token, or ELA, is the intrinsic token on the Elastos blockchain. It can be used
for trading, investing in digital assets, paying for blockchain processing fees and so on.
max. supply will be 33 Million ELA.

ELA-holders will get Airdrops of every DApp that operates on the Elastos chain.
Contributors who opt to position-lock some or all of their Elastos tokens will receive an annual
return on their position-locked tokens, and may be eligible to participate in Elastos Foundation
oversight committee (min. 10 000 ELA).

Auxillary Proof of Work + Delegated Proof of Stake: Elastos will have merged mining with Bitcoin to
integrate the benefits of its vast computing power network that provides immutability and censorship
resistance via its proof of work. The ELA block reward is thus distributed as follows:
AuxPoW: 35% of Block Reward will go to Bitcoin miners (miners submit their PoW hash to both the ELA and BTC network) dPoS: 35% of Block Reward will go to users who have staked some amount of ELA.
Ecosystem Application Reward: 20% Foundation Running & Development: 10%.

Market Prediction:

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