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Don't cry, now is the time to buy What is the most accurate trading channel in the world? A casino...

Don't cry, now is the time to buy
What is the most accurate trading channel in the world?

A casino on an European roulette wheel (with just one zero) has odds 1 in 38 — as a margin. Rest is all paid out to players.

And casinos make money. I don't need to make that point, do I?

Blockchain Whispers has odds compared to every other trading team that is so badass that they fucking subscribe to my channel and basically present it to their followers if they want to appear credible or in the know.

My goal is not only to get you signals, but also to teach you. And you know it even in this free group.

We had an amazing chat today with the Premium group (yup, that's new!) — where we had my superstar analyst Mr. Y — top traders Mr. C and L,... Mr. X as a badass gem finder... all on the call, giving updates on the calls.

I learned something!

For long time I was afraid to hold much or long in usdt because usdt is in so evident problems that if it wouldn't be crypto but stocks or something they would dip like a brick...

so - on today's chat Mr. Y told me and the rest of the guys what's actually a better alternative to tether.

We discussed bitcoin, one hidden danger, and also our true hope it bounces from 6500 or sooner as breaking it could mean bigger shit for crypto.

Then... we had a couple of concerned members that asked what about short term trades that are in red.
Interestingly, other members who did the homework answered back.

Remember our 1000% gain on pundi started with 40% loss... we have superiority in analysis and finding undervalued stuff... if it would be properly valued it wouldn't make you gains, and between the time we uncover the gem and public realizes it - it can dip and we just don't care... as we know what's happening case after case - just look at our superb track record in this bearish year.

And now, I want you to be excited - I want you to look at your favorite coins, if you're in premium you got a short list, if not, you can just get here some coins I recommended and find what you like the most.

Chase The
And now, you score by setting buy orders, not sell orders.
Set buy orders 5-10-15 even 20% below the price now, and wait for it to execute. If it does, you can pop a champaigne as your odds are better than AA vs 72 in poker.

and enjoy the panic. Because those who blink first, lose.

You are Blockchain Whispers Baby,
make em blink!