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Do you see now? Regulation is NOT a good thing. Your dear governmetn is NOT protecting you. SCAM...

ICOs are a GOOD thing because they made winning real icos even more profitable.

risk vs reward guys - you think in ANY system government will enable you to sit back, jerk off and make money?

With unregulated icos, if you do smart homework, if you belong to an elite group like this one, you can. So think about next time when your favorite senator tells how he is pro crypto just to regulate it to 'protect' you. Who is he truly protecting.

Suckers I choose to invest in 10 Bitconnects rather than to have a regulation on the whole market.

Because now it looks, I want to buy btc - I go buy, I want thether, I go and buy. With regulation it goes, you buy, they know who bought why bought etc. Anti-money-laundering my ass. Controlling you.

Do the math, please don't be a tool.