Dividing Advertising Income - With YOU, Giving you $20,000 worth! Dear loyal follower, friend, you...

Dividing Advertising Income - With YOU, Giving you $20,000 worth!

Dear loyal follower, friend,
you know I don't advertise shit on this channel... while... others over promote stuff.

I don't do icos for under 60btc - and even then only if they are worth it.

When I do promote, it is only special thing or thing for community benefit.

I announced last time that I'll accept some event promos (good thing we hang around with crypto supporters).. and I got a bunch of interest.

First, we will start with very respectful guys, from whom I got over $20,000 in event tickets: blockchainshift.io

I Will Give You My Tickets For Free
So I have twenty tickets... I don't need them, I am not making a dime on this promo... I don't even do promos for cheap except in this case when it is community benefit.

Now, since I have way more than 20 followers, there must be some sort of qualifications to get them.

All you need to get your tickets is:

Contest 1 - $10,000 in tickets (ten tickets @$999-$1200)??
1) Make a short video or a public facebook post that contains our name and link to the channel and explain **What You Value The Most In This Free Channel, What Helped You The Most, Why Is It Worth Your While

2) And send your link, submission to my chat admin @xantisofia (you can even see a boob if you zoom in on her profile pic!)

Contest 2 — 5 tickets $5,000
1) Do something good for Blockchain Whispers in your own way and
submit it to @xantisofia

Contest 3 - 5 tickets $5,0
1) Help the community in your own way or write a detailed, in-depth research (facts-only, no speculations, no TA, fundamentals) on one of the important movers and shakers in crypto (ie. you can make a thorough research and current situation analysis of Binance, or... Ripple, or... whale groups). You have freedom here, the criteria is: helpfulness to the community
2) submit it to @xantisofia



If you don't want to rush or record anything - worry not, I have for you in store 10% discount, feel free to share with friends: WHISPERS10
Again, I don't get any commissions off of this. I could have asked for money, but that would beat the purpose.

Also remember that Macbook I got as result of some event I didn't even know I participated in? I'll share that when I get it too.

More events to come.

(to those submitting an event, even though I don't earn $1 and share with my people, you must respect the huge reach of this channel, and you shouldn't contact me without at least $50,000 worth of freebies.

For now, this is only events and something of universal community benefit. I don't judge the event, even if it is the shittiest event if there are five people talking crypto, hey, it's five people talking crypto - a good thing.

https://blockchainshift.io/ looks good though, and combine it with Miami chicks...


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