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Devery (EVE), Working product, Partnership with UN - easy 3x

Devery (EVE), Working product, Partnership with UN - easy 3x

Devery (EVE), A Partnership With UN

(Currently on Idex)

It's partnered up with UN already and now JD, which is Alibaba biggest rival, has accepted them as part of their AI accelerator program which is made up of 5 blockchain startups that includes Bluzelle and Canya.

I expect 3x easily.

More intel...

Devery is solving one of the pressing issues in the world and that is high cost in tracking shipped products It is difficult to track products that move through complex trade routes
where free trade zones exist or there is weak governance. Counterfeit products are designed to mislead and deceive, and as a result consumers are unable to distinguish between real and fake products.

The Devery protocol allows businesses to build their applications on the platform to track products and most importantly offer verification of products to ensure originality. They have partnerships with United Nations World Food Programme and JD