Devaluating Assets Vs Charging Assets IF you buy a car, a normal car, not some rare, old timer...

Devaluating Assets Vs Charging Assets
IF you buy a car, a normal car, not some rare, old timer whatever - the price goes down.
IT is a devaluating asset.

If you buy an oldtimer the price goes down yet at the same time goes up because of the rarity that takes over. IT's charging asset.

Most coins that don't require blockchain and produced a coin are on the longer time frame (1-2y) a pure devaluating asset.

SO you must understand the big picture when investing. In bearish times, only strong survive.

Best to look at it like this:

You go with your friends in a club, and there are some fit, hot, busty club chicks waiting for you. She is top looking, but you see her focus is on how much you're earning and what's your perceived 'value'.

The moment she starts that 'trade' - you are buying a devaluating asset. For three reasons:
1) She, once fucked, her value goes down. She has no good news to follow. Bearish from there.
2) She, with time, her beauty goes down.
3) She decided to trade against your wealth (ie vs btc) as opposed to being attracted to your character and trading with her character (like vs usd - much easier trade).

On the other hand let's look at coins like zrx, zil, eng,...

It's a good looking girl, but not all revealing girl. She doesn't talk with every guy in the club, but once you do notice her and come to her, she is interested in who you are. She doesn't even know the brands of the cars as she doesn't care about that. She doesn't have facebook, she isn't there for fame... she is selective because her offer is not her once-useable asset (body), but love...

... her value appreciates over time.

You get to know each other, care for each other, love each other...

Same with coins - start from the ICO - a coin that accepts everyone to invest in, gives huge bonuses and is focused on collecting funds is already prostituting itself and showing it's true colors. 35% bonuses, 50% bonuses... I mean, forget about it from the start.

The strongest coin is:
1) that doesn't let the minority control the majority
2) that needs blockchain
3) that makes coin makers dependent on success (by freezing their tokens for a long time frame preferrably at the end of the roadmap) or even better when coin makers no longer even have any power over a coin

.... I don't need to go further down in this list — this already gives you a project worth looking into.

And the odds of finding it are similar like finding a smoking hot chick that looks for love and nothing else. Small, but existing and real.

Go, hunt!


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