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Daneel AI (DAN) Powered By IBM Watson - Cryptomarket Analyst

Daneel AI (DAN) Powered By IBM Watson - Cryptomarket Analyst

If you don't have a big budget but you want to, ask yourself this simple question:

Where are my better chances to double my thousand dollars?

On a hundred and fifty BILLION dollar marketcap making it three hundred BILLION dollar for Bitcoin... or... finding a small cap gem that can easily go from five million to ten?

One such gem is Daneel (DAN).

Currently available on IDEX and HitBtc.

It is not designed to be the next Bitcoin, it will always be compared to this, but here's what it is designed for: to fill one need that is lately growing in crypto - knowing what is going on.

Daneel will be able to tell you things like: What people think about EOS, what's the sentiment.

The same thing that Blockchain Whispers had to do via manual and advanced bots, now will be availeble to the population.  And sure there is a market for it.  And sure I am fan of AI projects, so the next time you wonder what to do with your budget - ask yourself:

"Who Is The Fish At This Table?"

Fish - is a term in poker for a player that is losing money to other winning players (aka sharks).

The expression goes: "If you sit at the table and within 5 minutes you don't know who the fish is at the table... the chances are... you are"

So if you go into whale-manipulated bitcoin and try to score some -- who is the fish?


If you go find a gem that whales can't manipulate as five million Daneel marketcap is their lunch money, and go invest in it and Daneel goes from five million to ten or twenty... you have effectively quadrupled your money.

This is my microcap recommendation and I see it minimum 3x in short-mid term.

With your publicity, rather short than long term.


Blockchain Whispers Baby!