The only thing that can happen now is tomorrow and Monday some smaller dipping

The only thing that can happen now is tomorrow and Monday some smaller dipping. This is like the worst case scenario (which is not bad at all). This is bullish also.
We are bullish. Anyone that is calling now 20k level, 17k level,... does not have much undestanding what he or she talks about.

The only way we could get there at those levels, right NOW... is a big major black swan event. Otherwise, normal routes of BTC are strongly and clearly... UP.

We survive the next two days it will be your second confirmation. Cheers!
Thank you. Respect. Professionals are often slow to give credit due to ego etc. And most profitable traders don't have ego because ego fucks the trade profitability. Respect to this man!
First lesson, don't follow because of the trust. I don't want that. Then I breed fish. Instead try to understand what's so special about my level, try to see, and once you do, only then you should follow. Always your mind, your coins, your decisions. I am just an assistance.
Note wannabe Premiums, I don't have a 100% accuracy. I do have losses sometimes as well. However, my losses are rare compared to the losses many make due to failure to read properly. I want you to know two things before you join Premium: 1) you must use the right portfolio management or you'll get rekt.
2) you must understand what you read or you'll get rekt.

In this case, I told Premiums about the thing I was watching, which was solana (which is by the way, a SCAM token in my opinion). They had only 40 million circulating tokens and an event that will unlock 400 million tokens at specific time. Obviously I informed my premiums of the fact, and that they should consider shorting it. I told them I don't know the levels but to determine on the go because it is purely fundamentally that if something is watered down 10 times, it should go down in value. Well the token was so manipulated, the chart stayed the same. But I remember this token to never trade it because one day, they stop having interest in pumping it....

The point is, if you decide to join my Premium, you must be smart, real with yourself and capable of reading.

I would want to be in my own premium, because it's so amazing the edge I'm providing. Not only by me, but by our top fundamental analyst Mr. Y, by the community (your awesome timely tips) etc.

However, it isn't for everyone.

1) If you expect every call to be a winner, I advise you to skip both my Premium and free channel. In fact, I urge you to get out of crypto completely, because I don't know if anyone can provide you that.

2) If your total portfolio is $3,000 or so... the price of Premium would put too much risk on you and pressure to do something right now. That's not the way of trading. Ideally you have over 9k to trade so you can be relaxed into doing the right decisions without the time pressure.

3) If you have unrealistic expectations of doing like 10x a month, again, forget it. Surely, sometimes we do way more than that, but that is a result of previous planning, the right timing and a bit of luck. What I am known for, history being indicator are my gems, and my bitcoin calls. With me, you have a better chance to not be at the wrong side of the trade, and also with my gems, you have a chance to make some fucking epic fortunes. I can't say this politely or watered down because it is fucking how it is historically. 2x, 20x, 50x,... we did it all. No leverage. No bs.

And this year seems to have the most gems I ever had.

I share this screenshot with negative critique in it as well, why not, I want you to have a real pic. Join only if you determine, hey, this man is worth his weight in gold for me. Otherwise, follow the free channel and get less, weaker, but still amazing and more importantly, free info
And where to join Premium? Well... go read a bit and find the link. If you don't... you didn't do your homework and you shouldn't be in Premium. It's for guys that are ready for this bull season in crypto. I ensure, in this free channel, you don't need ANYTHING further, but to follow me here for a while to get PROOF, and I do hope you trust your own eyes and your own experience rather than some twitter oppinion of competing trader. I give you proof. You saw my bitcoin calls. It's not the first call in here... scroll years back month back it is FREQUENT for me... for us here on Blockchain Whispers. You get it for FREE. Yes for free. I fucking want to bust the myths of what's possible in crypto.

Ask the competitors, they will tell you shit about me, because they aren't my level. Lol, ask them to share precisely, no chart, no bullshit, but precisely: "Bitcoin goes to 30k before 50k" or "bitcoin goes to 29k" or "Bitcoin goes now to 47k" or whatever... AND... this is important... to hold accountable! In words that they update whether win or loss. They don't. They can't. They are not capable. So what they are capable is trying to talk shit about the superior trader... like many talk shit about Connor Mcgreggor because the guy is cocky. Yes he is, but so he can fight too. Sure Khabib beat him, and Khabib is probably better than Connor, but still, that's one guy vs how many that's better... and me... I'm like Khabib of crypto... I am not cocky except when in the name of you putting the value to my advice and not making a mistake yourself.

If you didn't know I'm fucking good, you'd have sold the bottom ... lost your money... you'd longed the top... lost your money... you'd follow twitter, and lost either way...

This is why I have to tell you from time to time, my track record. My PUBLIC track record. Track record you can find in this channel. I NEVER delete signals in my channel. I might delete some rant post... where I talk about politics or chicks or something... but I don't delete signals. Ever. And I am here since 2017 public. Free.

Most of those 'gurus' went silent after they went rekt in 2018. I not only first announced the bear time, when nobody thought of its possibility even, but I also stuck and fought with my followers... we bleed together, we sweat together, and we strongly improved our trading together. Heck, in 2020 I got to Bitmex Hall of Fame by ROE, to my knowledge the ONLY trader that got there in the bear years. All others there are from the 2017.

So, I hope you are intelligent enough to decide for yourself. I have the highest renewal rate in the industry, why?
I have the most expensive premium in the industry, why?
I have the most amazing and most loyal following in the industry, why?

Because everyone is self-hurting and stupid? Or because it is more expensive to pay some idiot $100 for signals that are actually wrong, than to pay D Man a chunk of the profits you're likely to generate when let's say this supergem hits the targets. INJ hit the targets. BZRX hit the targets. NPXS, QNT, ONT, BLZL, THETA,....

And now, to ensure you're truly ready, you must know that EVERYTHING comes with a risk of losing everything. If you can't grasp it... buy a real estate... even that comes at a risk. But good luck flipping your real estate for 10-50x the value.

Again, no link for you. If you want to join Premium, you have to read a bit this channel, do your homework, and I'm sure you'll find PLENTY of links. Cheers, I'm out, time to attend to some chicks. I spent too much time on charts lately, I don't know if my soldier is working anymore lol... getting performance anxiety. Haha, peace.
I have time, before I go to Tashas... I'll so before I leave, I want to share with you something brother as result of my love for you. And that is... probably


No school. No program. No course will ever teach you this.

I spent years of silent frustration, out of desperation to be the best to figure it out.
In my journey I wanted to be fast. Precise. Successful. And in fight to achieve awesomeness, I got rekt so many times, a couple of times thinking if I'll have enough to eat that month.
It was all in for me. Get on the top of trading or nothing. My portfolio management was non existent, strategically non existant. I felt every mistake very heavily. The market ensured I remembered it.

I did become better that way, much, much better. However, once I did nail it. I realized it was something else that shifted with me that gave me one strong, completely untold-by-anyone-before edge.

And that is, you have to be happy.

Positive. Happy. Satisfied person.

"Money attracts money", you heard that right?

Well why?

Only because money magically finds money?

No, but when you're hungry, itching.... you are prone to jerky moves. Because if you are a musician or musically litterate, you know that even a pause, or a skip of a beat is written in the notes... it is an action in itself - the one that itchy, jerky, needy person can hardly do.

This is the hardest move to do for a person in need.

And being person in need is not attractive.

Do chicks like guys who can tell them to fuck off?
Nah, they don't.

If you're all horny, the odds are more likely you won't get any.

The same if you're rushing for a trade, the odds are you'll enter at the wrong time into even the right trade, and get rekt.

That is the edge rich people have over the poor... they like it, but they don't really need it. And since they are protective over their money they think twice whether or NOT to enter at all. While guys itching are entering the trade regardless of the timing.

Once I grasped timing... I started practicing it consciously, vs what most people who make money do ... unconsciously.
For rich people there is a hidden warning, because the things do good for them while their portfolio % is small... they don't even have a clue how rapidly they can lose everything once the tide changes against them. You had probably more experience with itching and 'panic' in trading than the rich guy had... but he didn't grow immune to it by conscious training, just by the nature of his finances that he didn't need to. The rich is even more vulnerable once things start truly shaking against his or hers plan.

The solution: regardless of the wealth, if you have $10k or $100k or $100mm, practice SKIPPING A BEAT!

Admittedly, if I had only $100, I'd go all in at highest leverage there is and not blink twice about it. It's a waste of time.
If you are in crypto with $100 it is a waste of time brother. Unless you're underage and you're building your own stuff in that case, learning trumps coins. And respect by the way if you are.

This what I shared here with you is not only the law of D Man, it's the law of nature as well.
They did experiments: a poor guy asks for money and gets cents. A guy in suit and tie, looking rich asks for money he gets handouds of tens and hundreds.
A needy guy approaches to bang his first chick all romantic and caring and gets harshly rejected. A guy comes with two chicks, he has chicks already, and just half assed says something and he gets the third chick.
A needy guy who needs to pay the rent, the school, the kids education, mistress, whatever enters a trade... the panic kicks him, books early, sells late, enters at the wrong time, while when the rich guy enters, he enters to enjoy the market, he waits it out, he enters at the right time.

If you are needy, what to do then?
Fake it till you make it.
I got quite recenlty rekt in one stupid move. However, I saw I'm capable of skipping a beat now better than I was before, and for this I say thank you for all the lessons of bear time. I realize this is the true edge.

Being a guy who never got rekt is also not good. He didn't use his full potential.

My goal was never to be the richest. My goal was to be the most accurate.

By being accurate, I can help you make the riches. By being good with portfolio management, you have next to zero use of my skills.

If I wanted to be some silent trader, I'd never opened this channel. I am the one that with your help busts all myths of possible. Together, brother we nail it, one step at a time.
I am already successful. You read it in my book, in my previous business I had more money than I made in crypto. Actually my previous business got me a lambo and all the stuff I could wish as a Natasha-loving guy. Crypto got me a challenge: a lot of frustration, sweat and most loyal following there is. I feel satisfied. Very.

And as a result, remember, I do the right trading decisions.
So brother, step 1 for you, be happy.

Be appreciative. Be smiling. Be happy.

Bam! trading suddenly got better for you.

You are welcome!
D Man

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