36326 now, we can try a small 20x short here. same price. I'd close the short

36326 now, we can try a small 20x short here.
same price. I'd close the short. Didn't like the close too much.
I told you Herdera will pump.

We don't have many calls. We had inj, herdera... and both won. Again. Now get some rest
As I said, it is dropping, but not to be concerned, it's all in the predicted area!
Remember this!
Remember, you have two choices in crypto: either to trade for your primal passions (like gambling and feeling of 'rush') or you trade for profit.

It sounds easy as you read it here but yet it takes years for majority of followers to truly get it and incorporate it.

If you trade for profit, you don't chase any trade. You first protect your capital. You enter great trades. You avoid futures until you're ready for futures and know how to properly manage your portfolio.

If you're in it for the profit, then spot, patience, and no-greed is the fastest way to profit.

By no greed I don't mean to sell early, but I mean not to do common mistakes like selling one asset that is in negative for another that you think will 'pump more'.

Trading is beautiful. You just have to use logic.
It penalizes lack of logic. Forces you to evolve or give up.

As you read this and follow me you might realize it has a good point for your own trading and decide to change the way you trade - for better.

Your brother in crypto,
D Man
There is third thing, which I discovered with my followers gives most RESULTS. Not fictive results on paper, but results in REAL bottom line that my followers achieve... and that isn't trading. That are true, proper, investments.

Investments in gems. Investments where we are able to hold for even years (bzrx 50x, 2 yr hold) or months. There we have two forces in our favor, not only outsmarting the other guy in zero sum game, but also doing what others aren't willing to do - invest and support projects we find valuable early on.

This is why we are rewarded so richly. Accuracy, willing to do what others aren't, and the right and timely info.

Be smart. You cannot use the same indicators everyone is using, same way of trading everyone is using and expecting a different result than anybody else. Take a moment to retrospect your trading. Fix what you see lacking. Thank me later.
I spoke with Mr. Y yesterday... he takes months of daily research to find just one gem for you. Why?

I told him yesterday something and his reply was: "We rather have only one that will win than three that will have one loser in it".

It opened my eyes. In my trading I am so accurate. More accurate than anyone. Yet when I get on a rush, I am able to take a swing at many stuff and get many stoppages. I analyzed my trading and realized if I just picked more selectively the opportunities that I see, if I eliminated majority of 'taking-a-stab' calls, the profit would be the same just I'd have like 70% less stress less work in trading.

That, and my alway-active passion and monitoring of what's going on with my follower's accounts... got me to move to investment type trades, coins and holds. I am not interested from now on in anything that can't at least double you your money on success.

That means some days I have zero updates. However, the bottom like is clearly visible here from Oli's feedback. And these are shown the calls you all witnessed here in the free channel as well.

The more self-critical you are = the more profit you'll make.

I always feel sorry for guys who after some failed call come to me (and often it isn't a failed call by me but they didn't understand. Like I said I see btc at $90k and they go 100x all in and lose their money)... and tell me I am this or that, try to insult me... but I read their outcry... I remember my early days of trading... I would hate someone being happy and easily going on after a loss which crushed my portfolio... later I figured out those guys are so easily able to do so by having the right portfolio management. They also did lose, but they know 1) it's part of the trading 2) it's only part of their portfolio and 3) if they win more than they lose, their overall portfolio is growing.

They treat it as business.

Since due to my recent epic results I have a bunch of new followers, and bear in mind one telegram follower is worth 8 twitter followers - due to the delivery method etc, nobody pays really attention to twitter as much as they do to telegram... I want you to know and plan - don't go all in in ANY trade at all unless you're well aware of the risk. You can lose all at any given trade. But you can't lose what you didn't put at risk. Manage your portfolio. You are not here on this planet for just another trade, you're here for much longer, most of you and you plan on living in the years to come. Steady growth outperforms strong up and stronger down. Trust your D Man.... there is a reason all these people follow me. I know you feel rush when you read 100% in 2 hrs or something, and it's doable, but your bottom line, you will always as majority who follow me make MORE money when you use 2x leverage and when you use no leverage than when you try 10 times at 30x leverage and get rekt.

Some things you have to learn. It's like a job. It has many benefits, it has some learning required. Most of you wouldn't dream to go into a boxing ring before knowing how to punch. Unless you drank something strong that is.

But in trading most people go and expect to trade at Title-fight level in boxing or UFC.

Title-fight levels are futures, bitcoin leverage etc. That's where the big guys are, big liquidity and where big understanding is required.

You need to find a marketcap for your portfolio.

If you have only $500 total portfolio... what the fuck you have to look for trading link or ethereum? Are you that retarded?

Those are big caps.

You should rather put that negative (small balance) into positive (easy liquidity) and 1) research 2) find the opportuity in timing 3) find an edge in fundamentals and enter shitcap coin. You can easily turn that way 500 into 5000, but with ethereum to turn your 500 to 5000 you would first make a lot of guys billionaires out there. Think!

I always teach you, use common sense.


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