All the feedback from past 24 hrs, I probably missed some, but I am grateful

All the feedback from past 24 hrs, I probably missed some, but I am grateful. We go into new victories together!
I will tell you what's going on right now.

Mr. Y (probably the best crypto fundamental analyst in the world) and I have teamed up with two people, like outside cooperants that we found are able to identify the top top winning picks and without selecting shit.

Mr. Y is getting their picks and still sorting them through his own system.

I expect multiple gems this year. I think this year will have the most gems I ever made. I expect around five gems to be presented this year. Our yearly average is two.

I believe you will make huge money this year. Free or Premium member. Premiums will obviously make more, because they get the gem months before you and pay much smaller price, for example, premiums got the INJ when it was 10x lower price. You got it when it was 3x lower. You both made profit, and I showed my loyalty towards Blockchain Whispers, however I must prioritize those who pay for these great analysts and their support teams. And afterall those who appreciate me the most.

With that said, we have a great crypto year ahead of us.

D Man

By the way, I see a bunch of new members, welcome! feel free to scroll through this channel, you might be very happy you found us. Welcome to the fam!
Bitcoin might drop.

Remember even 29k level is bullish.

D Man said!
as I wrote here, and it is my main analysis, I expect bitcoin RANGING here for week(s). However, for those of you who get panic, I want to tell you that bottom of the range is 29k area which is still bullish! This is not a signal to go short or to think we go down immediately. The correct signal here is range. Because it won't break the high nor go below 29k much in the following days. It is great opportunity for you to trade both sides. Just don't over leverage. I wouldn't go to usdt. Still MASSIVE amount of buyers present that wait around 29-31k area.
Thank you. Don't be scared if we fall to 31k or even below 30k for brief period of time. A lot of protection there. On the top side, as soon as the market is ready, we are doing the next step. First next step is 47, then 49850 then breaking 50k

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