This is not like yesterday. This does not have to be a fake pump

This is not like yesterday. This does not have to be a fake pump. However, we will know it by how this hour candle finishes.
Bitcoin = yes.
Bitcoin trading = no.

I made mistakes yesterday on sushi and on eth because this move is out of ordinary. However, I am catching up with it. I let it fake as much as they want, we move only on confirmations.

For example, if it closes here or above, it's bullish, if it closes below, it was fake. There are some exceptions for which we will watch but that's it in a nutshell.
also don't look at this drawing as a blueprint. It was just the point - hey, the consolidation will be here... and at that time it looked down so I said down. I said that down can be changed. It has not YET changed as we watch this hour, this action right now.

One thing is for sure, you can enjoy this, as this is making of the history brother!
If someone is not English speaker. Bitcoin MIGHT be BULLISH even right now, BUT! I must see the hour close.
The only thing I don't want it to close at is between 19700 and 19729. That will be a tough guess.
Because if it does close that way, we will have to watch another candle, and if it is bullish, we might miss the leg up by watching, however, it is really putting extraordinary efforts to paint different pictures, so I am guessing what it's next move will be like. As a trader, not holder, I consider until this is broken, bearish. However, analyzing which day it is, and how the structure is looking, it all depends on this candle really. This is the historic candle. Only if it closes in this narrow $29 range then we have to watch for another candle. Otherwise we will know. If bullish, this is real bullish. If bearish it is real bearish. This is one badass candle. I go eat something real quick
I'm here.
now my guess is: in the next 30 minutes, it makes a bit higher than current high and retraces down, and ends up in the area that's hardest for me to guess. That's what it does usually.
so, step 1) make higher top of this candle step 2) retrace step 3) if you want to mess with D Man stop exactly in the tiny miny $29 area he described as pain in the ass
Now, so you're not bored as you're watching the spectacle... my thoughtprocess... You see those higher wicks on the left?

I watch mostly on this hourly chart, even fast action, because I remember how it was developed. And since you were here with me, so do you. Remember yesterday I told you it goes up and it's faking it?

It stayed for quite a while up, as green fat candle before turning red.
Otherwise, in standard Bitcoin mode, it doesn't want to give you a good chance to enter good position so it stays for a short while. And now I'd be changing my bias by every passed minute towards long. However... since so recently it allowed some time and today and yesterday on forex markets are very distinctly different days... I still allow it for a chance for this to be a beginning of a down move. I will not know really until the very last minute what it is. Are we going up or down. If we are going up, we are not safe until 22500 is broken, and once that thing is broken, we are on the fast track to my 29500 target that only I told you about.

If we are going down, we just ride with it, I think then we go down just for the duration of this week or a couple of days 2-3 max.
Also one important thing to notice. If this is bullish, we can go just a bit more up today. Or much.
but if this is bearish, we almost have to make a big fat candle down. I just noticed this. So beaware!
don't worry, this is that red circle I told it has to paint, step 1) done.
It can go a bit bit more up still and be in my red circle, and then go to step 2 which is a retrace. and then where it closes determines everything.
This now makes more sense for me to be bearish, because now everybody watches Bitcoin and it shows to retail it will go up. It usually hides the up move. Now it advertises it... surely if it closes like this we are bullish as fuck with only one possible cancellation in the next candle which we won't wait for. But I doubt we close like this.
wow - I thought I'm annoying you, I got 100 new members in what 30 minutes. welcome people, welcome! The most accurate bitcoin trader tries to decrypt this epic historic move for you all
If it wishes to do anything real now... it should start retracing a bit right now.
We are bullish baby. One cancelation possible in the next hour, I'll tell you if it happens. We are bullish. Let's go brother!
After this current candle, if we haven't pumped by then, we most surely will the hour after. We can't wait for full confirmation as usually it's late so we trade on good guesses and estimates.
Enjoy the history!
Personally, I'm not long nor short. I want to still see the action. But as far as confirmations go, we have now one confirmation of bullishness.
Okay, now this level I waited for. down from right here is the last possible bearish move that can happen. from right here.
And further up is confirmation 2
WOW! Happens exactly what I told you in most manipulative scenario could happen! THIS!!
If it continues like this it could end below 19200 possibly much further.
I was with my full focus on this, that's why I saw all those scenarios... otherwise, drunk with two big boob natashas I wouldn't see it. You need to be really focused, chess-like when analyzing btc. Fucker is more deceiving than a chick working in a stripclub.
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Thank you. I closed my short. I don't want it hanging for too long. Now let's see where this kiddo (btc) develops.
Now this is the time usually where I relax, write stuff, get confidence. Because we behind the courtain just spend chess-like time analyzing and predicting. I even wrote to you this. That no trade. Then later I wrote that I'm personally in no trade. And leter when I entered short, I told you my trade and my cancellation.
This! ☝️☝️☝️
Blockchain Whispers baby! Blockchain Whispers!
Now want to know the weirdest thing? If it closes like this - it's bullish. but now we won't go for new highs right away, so good time now to enter alts.

For example sushi now 10x
1.7887 now
1.7340 stop
1.8678 t1
1.91 t2 and 2.2 t3
0.684 stop
0.702 now
0.732 t1
0.76 t2
0.85 t3
adjust stop at my entry.
AXSusdt 20x
0.44957 now
0.442512 stop
targets: 0.4747 0.51 and 0.57
adjust stop at entry now.
actually, it has a long wick, adjust at 0.44217 stop. Let's give it some room. It's bullish, just very volatile at the moment. Should reach targets easily. other calls as well.
0.49264 now
0.48204 stop
0.515 t1
0.53 t2
STORJusdt 10x
0.3564 now
0.3524 stop
0.3664 t1
0.39 t2
0.48 t3
I share with you some of premium action, supertight stops... just so you get some love as well. I care for my free channel and my followers here as well
Okay, this close is so bullish for alts... btc will now go a bit down and then start going up again, and then all alts will be pumping but you'll already be in them. Congrats!
Since now I'm giving both free and premium channel signals and analyzing, if you see something slowly going towards your stop for this hour only, remove your stop. If it goes rapidly, let it trigger.
but if it is near, we remove it as we are right. Alts are going up from here. I got this right!
Regarding bitcoin, this candle (hourly, always hourly), should end either small red or green, it's a confirmation for alts to be bullish
For us to be bullish as we planned (for alts) bitcoin should go up from around here... same old story that repeats for 3 days now... it goes one way only to turn another... watch it.
I don't trade btc now. I just watch for our alts.
it should go up from here if alts are bullish. btc.
this was rapid wick, it stopped our calls. We were too advanced. Sometimes it's better to wait for the market to catch up with you. Now we will wait for confirmations.
I personally entered a bunch of alts, free and premium, and I took stops and took a stab in portfolio, however, I do know, when I stop I lose small, and when I win, I win big and make up for all of it. Never get too attached to a position. Fuck position. Right now I have nothing but crv and one premium position. nothing else. No btc no nothing. I try to remember, as at one point I told you if it goes down like this it goes down big candle, so I want to remember what I saw to establish the proper targets.
Okay, I see it. Either this was the bottom, and you can reenter same alts. Or 17200-17500 will be the bottom. If this was the bottom, tomorrow we go for all time high. IF it goes down then this week is pretty much done for new moves until Friday.
this! ☝️
Sometimes, being too advanced is not good, you must see it and wait for the market to catch up for it. Our alts will be excellent once the first candle (hourly) of bitcoin closes above what previous one closed. Then you can take your dick out and enter your favorite positions for the remainder of week.
Summary: this right now = bullish.
Further down = bearish.
Alts = bullish from here. Cancellation if btc goes bellow current low.
you can reenter exactly the same alts if you're prone to high risk high gain, or you can wait for hourly confirmation before doing so if you want the safe route. Up to you!
You can re enter them all except axs, it has too bad risk. In 15 min I'll know what happens with alts with decent certainty
I'll let you know in 10 minutes is it safe to enter alts or not. Many times I think alts are more advanced than they are, they are simple, so much less manipulation than bitcoin, it's a beauty really... Because big wallets, with best algos and market making stuff etc don't have interest in small liquidity that alts have.

With Bitmex, I tested and felt their team is chasing your stops because they see it and trade against you. While binance to me it seems to be doing so only on some liquid assets like bitcoin, and some altcoins, I have identified one.

This bitcoin move looks like your standard famous as you call it BART haha. Anyway, bart or not if it continues like this it will be ranging and slowly bullish which is ideal for alts. Our only problem was we were too ahead of our time. I can tell you right now, for safe entry, you can't enter the alts now. You have to wait for one bigger than doji green candle on btc, which will highly likely happen during the hour after this one. If not, then we go for the levels that make no alts bullish.

Summary for those who don't understand conditional predictions of the market. Right now = bullish. Cancellation = below this low. Then ≥ we go for 17200-17500 area. Then you don't enter alts at all until further notice.
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Good. it's good result.
Now as we said, do not enter alts.
It made lower low, now we wait... and spectate. If you entered on a hunch (most profitable = most risky), you exit. You don't 'hope' for reversal. You base it on analysis. It might happen. And you'll know if this candle turns and closes green. Until then... popcorns and pornhub or whatever your favorite sport it.
After every session, if you're (or want to be) the best, you do analysis.

What I did good here:
When everybody, absolutely everybody, expected a long and breakout, I identified this possibility of a drop, entered short, announced it timely here, and protected those that would long from devastating losses.

I accurately read candle by candle and knew the precise turning point.

I gave my famous super-tight stops for alts that give amazing risk reward

What I did wrong here:
I forgot alts are less manipulative, less prone to moves other than down and up... and I expected fast pullup from alts.

Lesson: wait for confirmation on alts except in slow times, then analyze only alts.

-- every time I do such thing in my head. I never repeat my mistakes. That's my only edge. You'll see, for example, this thing, will not repeat with me. I'll get wrong calls, I'll get some other bullshit, but this particular, nope.

And what I did good, I will re-enforce this. This is top of the game. Funds would give ASS for trader like me. Big institutions and other boring guys. I now get weekly enquiries to be their trader.

Show me other kind of trader that shows you, not some historic (five years ago) entries of tops and bottom... I enter the top or bottom again and again, I decided these times to share you screenshots. I don't do it often. Heck, I don't even trade often myself lately. Trading is stressful, and for example if I want Premiums to have the best results, sometimes I have to choose not to trade myself, as worrying for two positions is a mess. Sometimes in slow days or occasionally surely, I throw in my trade, it's even easier that way to monitor their stops and targets.

Thank you for following. Now the action is done, you can go relax now and if I have some important update, I'll let you know. Brother, I do this for you.
The toughest, most advanced calls... historically almost always correct with Blockchain Whispers. Remember 2018 when I told you to sell all? fuuck... nobody believed me until second step, then everybody listened.

Year after year, the big and important moves you get here. Now, currently, the biggest... is the one pinned in this channel. Even though we might see a red day or a week, we are going for $29500 bitcoin. And I'm known for correct bitcoin predictions (as opposed to many on twitter with their gazillion dollars btc in 2018). Utilize this love I share with you here publicly. It's for you, your reward for being here with me, with Blockchain Whispers in these epic times in crypto history! Together, we make days they will study in schools one day!
you should reenter these calls STORj, OCEAN, SUSHI... very good calls, same targets..
You had tight stops. You are making great profit on re entry once the targets hit. Now this seems confirmed. It's very volatile... however, I like it. You must keep the stops at current lows as other than that makes no sense in those times. Cheers!
WOW! I have another hunch where bitcoin is heading next. It could go directly for new high. I need just an hour or so more to confirm. Haha, very good play Bitcoin, I love when it makes me analyze its new behavior!
by directly, I don't mean from here, but from this area... will still retrace. This next hour is important, we need to see the full hour and ten minutes to have any sort of confirmation of this new hunch.
I closed. Your job as a trader is to PICK trades you see with high confidence. Not pick the big moves neccesarily.
I did what 10% profit from this move. This move is not interesting to share with you. Because you like my epic moves. My bottoms and tops. But this is something that you might learn even easier... every big candle has (90%) a counter move and the real move. You can profit on those without even knowing the direction, and along the way learn to read it better. Time on charts is the ultimate teacher. Time on charts.
Target 1 hit. Target 2 hit.
on re-entry. First one was stopped.
re entry post here and two below.
this is open going towards t1
this one also going toward target 1 mid way to it now
this one we skipped on re-entry due to bad risk.
No, no no... apologies. The re-entry is not signalled. As btc made lower low. Don't enter anything now. We will get better risk reward chance.
You see alt mid way through target. It looks attractive, you even know the target, but the right play is to NOT enter it. Why? Because you don't have a favorable stop to target ratio. Just spectate. When I notice a good one, I'll signal you here.
Many, many, many of you make much, much, much money/coins with me.

The only ones that will have hard times are those that put all eggs in one basket and expect me never to be wrong. I'm human afterall. Market is not a hard line in concrete... it's more like a soft line in the sand on a windy day. Love you!
currently on short time frame (like within an hour or so) bitcoin is bearish as fuck.
This green remained green only because dollar was weak at the same time... but should it remain flat btc would dipped. That's something to take into account, ALTHOUGH... we do trade it against usdt so... it's not for shorting or longing it's for taking notice. I do take that notice while trying another small short
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Daam... I kinda hoped for chicks and boob, to intensify that one
yes, 45% profit on my lol 31x leverage... now I can walk with only two Premium active trades open (hand holding). Cheers! You can relax now and get some rest from me...

Enjoy my friend! Later if I see alts bullish, I'll give you some cool entries. Need to go for a walk. That walk is the best thing you can do to freshen your mind. That and banging big boob Natashas!
I LOVE this price action. Never seen before, bitcoin action like this. See the chart. Looks like nothing, like Natasha's silicone implant exploded after too much squeezing. Lol. I am bullish. I'm fucking bullish baby! I'll re-confirm this bias around the day close, but I'm bullish.
0.9555 t1
0.903 now
0.885 stop
0.931 now - adjust stop at entry.
xrp could breakout here. 0.6330 and the target would be 0.6657
I go to sleep now. If bitcoin closes above 19686 it's bullish. If it closes below that, it's likely bearish. I'll check tomorrow and tell you.
actually, a close above 19095 could also mean bullishness, just not as fast.

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