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D.A.R.T. Crypto Signals FAQ - And Answers For Longer Term, Slower Pace Traders.

I've built my reputation as being fair, honest and real.

I must do some justice to the other time of (equally) professional, badass, profitable traders that are worried at the moment with some early qualifications.

There are two type of traders:

Intraday super-short term traders

They enter and exit a position within 1 day. They usually do 10-20x, but their moves are smaller.

They have the EASIEST time qualifying in these slow periods of BTC and ETH.


Longer term, big move chasers

This is actually a group where MOST pro traders fit in. 3-5x. Big move chasers. At the end, the profit on those moves can be 5x-10x the profit on small scalps. 

These traders are patient, and enter only when they have the right setup.

I will NOT punish these traders.

This is the qualification for the most accurate crypto trader in the world. Not the most accurate scalper or the most accurate gambler.

If need to be, I will prolong the qualifications, so that even slower, patient traders get their chance at qualifying properly.


This is what I wanted to get out of my chest for a while... as there are misconceptions. Scalpers are cheered by the mass, as it's fast and exciting. Lambo is made on big moves.

IF you know how to scalp and predict good big moves... then you're a Lambo man :)

You rock and this is what is going to be discovered in the D.A.R.T. crypto signals world championship.

So far, 4 extremely good stats traders were approved. The stats become statistically significant somewhere around the time of 20th trade... and that will be qualification + midway of the championship we will get a grasp on truly who's who in the world of crypto trading.




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1m ago
This has come at the right time. As the countdown begins ( around 10 days left for the championship to end), the competition will intensify. @ All .. Read & apply. Loads of Work to do..