Cycles of Life, My Superior Accuracy, And My Shameful Mistake In life everything goes in...

Cycles of Life, My Superior Accuracy, And My Shameful Mistake
In life everything goes in cycles.

summer, autumn, winter, fall...

baby, youngster, adult, old

incieved, developped, alive, dead

see the pattern?

Let me go further...

Bitcoin, what happens if it goes sideways for hours...
there is no way it will allow people to go at 100x in a winning direction.

So what will happen?

A squeeze in the opposite direction and then pump up or down...

The same with Blockchain Whispers...

I started this channel with thirty people in it this year after I saw in a private group I have an edge over the masses.

I demonstrated our accuracy by giving seventeen accurate calls in a row.. here... in this free group... and like in the book The Secret... these things worked out to be the signal for me, 'hey you should come into this with full gear.'

I continued trading personally and with the team for you until I got health problems signalling me, 'hey, your job is to create the most accurate channel known to man, you can't be doing everything yourself, no longer a one man operation'.

So I started hiring the best trading talents I could find.

To me it was also a surprise what different sorts of people I'll meet, the story about which you know already... but also a test of my strength, as well as yours.

In this bear market, I was the first to tell you at around 16k and 13k btc to start selling and go to usdt...

In this last bear phase came the mistake that I did — I was focused too much on traders, to look at the big picture and the cycle of crypto... (the big news that I told you now also before anyone, but also slower than I could have done) is that money is going away from alts to btc.

I focused much on ELEC and coins with great potential, not to realize it's like getting a deal to buy all the materials to build the house for just $100, but you have to build it on a sandy ground... and bitcoin bear movement was that sandy ground.

my competitors even started a campaign claiming I dumped elec on you — which shows their lack of understanding of trading — if I would be dumping something for three months on you that we have been expecting elec to grow... it would be either 50 million dollar dump and some more liquid coin. That is bullshit designed basically in their lame attempts - they think if they discredit me that they will get members, but they don't, because they suck... even if fat old street-slut tells you some young, tight, petite, hot chick is bad for you... it won't make you want to bang the old fat over-used slut, right?

Then when they have nothing else to say, they say they don't like my language — well... there is easy "leave this channel" button you click and fuck off. This is for people who benefit from my writing and from my care. You don't like it, then explain me why are you following still?

Another nonsense...

Alright, now that I got that off my chest, we can now say what I did truly wrong, my real mistake. And it's not what they would think - as thieves think in a thieves ways, so they can only think of sinister bullshit which are suitable for them, but not for us — and you know it without a shadow of a doubt if you follow me for a while... because I proven my care with my own money, and nobody did it on Telegram, publicly, in crypto.

My Mistake For Which
I Am Sorry

Traders that I had at that time, couldn't adjust for the market change, and caused a lot of failed calls while I did a mistake in treating them friendly instead of professionally.

The only one who was stone-cold was MR. Y who cut his elec call and said, btc is going down, alts are not good now. Other traders laughed at him as he said it cold. But cold there was being most friendly he could do.

So... I was a bit pissed lately with the situation, as even though we have more wins than anyone in being early, I dragged those micro calls further than I should have... so I sat down and asked myself:

"what is my edge?"

And I wrote on the piece of paper the very same fact that brought me your incredible loyalty and popularity:


My competitors know what I do, just they are too greedy to do it themselves - to give you. To love you. To do something about it. So I have no problem announcing my next move... that is in the works for some time now, because they won't follow. At first I got you #1 best Trading View trader of all time, whales, leverage traders,... talent after talent... but with cycles of life, you gotta keep on watching who evolves on time. Now, I decided, I will use this mistake (and yes, it is a mistake and I apologize for being slower than what I want to be), to come back with a vengence and reward your loyalty. I look at this, as the squeeze before the pump... designed to shake off the non-believers... those who got in position by accident, who found this channel by accident. Things I did, no competitor would do because then it means turning words into actions, and you know that action is the only thing real: 1) I stopped renewing Premiums and now their membership doesn't expire (by the way to use this wonderful opportunity you can join at @bwregisterbot) until the btc is $10k — I finance the entire team and this channel out of my pocket. 2) I invested EVERYTHING I ever earned from Premium into the step two... and that is... there is NO trader that is off limits, we might be smaller than hedge funds, but we are willing to pay more for accuracy, even if it means a HUGE chunk of our income. Finally... 3) I must be involved in monitoring the market. Simply - you fell in love with this channel because of my calls at the beginning, my accuracy and my hyperactivity that would be the first in everything and hard on myself when something wouldn't go as planned. I don't need to trade, but I need to be on top of things so if I ever need to change traders, that I do it before they know what hit em... not when I have a rock-solid undeniable proof it is not where it's supposed to be. With that said... I will announce you the next step... First, we climbed to top of Telegram by being super accurate. Then we established a league of our own where Blockchain Whispers is miles ahead and doesn't have any competition just the nay sayers and jealous little rats that don't want to do anything but don't want us to do anything either, as if we don't do they feel less miserable... After us being in league on our own, we dipped significantly in the last two months or so to the league close of other channels, and I fucking hated it... I know it was just the correction before the $1000 candle up and hyper bull move for the Blockchain Whispers... and this is what I'll announce you now... this is our next step, and this is why you will be rewarded and happy for being so loyal: In the past month and half, my analyst and me have found the four traders that we want to have on board. On top of the class. Each individually. Now we are in process of bringing them to Blockchain Whispers and creating what was never created before A CARTEL - by Blockchain Whispers! Within a definition of a cartel it is that it is restricting competition. And that is my full intention. Not in an illegal way... but by being fucking good. I found four traders that with me and Mr. Y are the very top in their areas: BTC trading fundamentals leverage trading Notice I didn't say TA or charting as it's inferior to what we are doing. I took into consideration only traders that were profitable in bull run last year, in bear run this year and in the adjustment of whale strategies (now)... One is a Hedge fund trader, pro, badass... One is fundamentals badass that is very highly respected by Mr. Y One is crushing leverage and fourth one is the jack of all trades, but somehow pulls it off successfully. Three of them are already celebrities in their areas, one is very low profile. Together, they competed... in a way. Now, with MR. Y and me in addition, together, we will conquer even higher than it ever was. Our cartel will make sure no trader can come even close. That there is Blockchain Whispers or else...

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