The competition closes at May 1st. We will then check the stats and announce the winner! Good luck traders!


Welcome To The Competition For The Most Accurate Crypto Trader On The Planet! 

This competition is designed to publicly, foolproof, in a non-questionable way to demonstrate who are truly the best crypto traders. 

The competition goes into two rounds. The applicant and the contestant. Everyone can apply, for free, with verified Blockchain Whispers account. Only those who qualify with our automatic trade monitoring system will be manually reviewed after the 10th trade and allowed to officially enter the competition.

Once you are qualified, you get also a contestant star next to your name that appears in Blockchain Whispers chats, comments and other public interactions. It's a perk. 

Then you simply trade, each entry you have you just type it in and submit. The limitations of the competition are... the trades must have at least 1 minute for the entry, to avoid 'impossible' trades during BitMEX system overload.*

*trades caught during system overload can be manually canceled afterward. The aim is to provide only 'tradeable' trades.


To avoid noobs and gamblers taking advantage of this freeroll, only one (1) application per account is allowed.

The official chart is BTCUSD Bitmex Inverse Swap Contract for btc and appropriate BitMEX charts for BitMEX altcoins. 

The first 10 trades are qualification trades, they are run in the background, qualifying you...  (see below for the qualifying levels required)

When you apply as a trader, your bitcoin wallet (you can create a new one) appears in your public info. So that at the end of the competition, there is no mumbo-jumbo, you know you will be paid, because the people can see, publicly, on the blockchain, that you've been paid. This makes your award guaranteed upon victory. 

I am aware there are some GOOD, but SLOW traders out there. Discipline will not be punished by me, so this is what we will do - because the 'games must go on'... if you say 17 trades completed and other 20 traders complete their 20 trades... you are saved as a bonus for the next round in which you should complete the remainder of your 20 trades. 

You get only one bonus round because that is more than twice the time of the average (one round + qualifications time for the second round + the second round). 

You, in the second round, will not affect the given limit.. meaning if there are 20 contestants besides you... your reaching from 17 to 20 will not take one slot away, but rather make the total 20+1.

Round 1 
Qualifications: from now until Feb 28th 

Main competition start: Mar 1st 
Closing: when the first 20 qualified traders complete 20 trades. 

Qualifying level: minimum 8/10 successful trades. 10 trades total.

Once your trades are in... if you qualify in terms of R:R and win % you enter the main competition. 

The R:R can be on individual trades below 1, but it must be on average above 1:1 to qualify. 

For the Round 1 the maximum leverage allowed is 20x. No minimum. 

Once you qualify, you get the perk contestant star next to your name, and you continue posting your trades as usual, just now.. your Blockchain Whispers username, your wallet and your trades will appear publicly here for people to see, track, follow and like. 

Heck, even comment.

No promotional methods are allowed. No outside links. No twitter contacts. No name giving/sharing allowed. This is where you prove yourself, this is where you build the rep. 

The winners of the competition will be offered bonus gigs, perks at the end of the round, etc. 

There is only one winner... but if there are two traders with the same % of the accurate calls and profit % is within 10% of each other - the reward might be split between the two winners. Or have the playoffs depending on what you guys will agree on. 

The Winner has the Undisputed Champion Icon next to his name until he is dethroned in the next competitions. When that happens, he remains the Champion legend and gets another icon.

Multiple times winner can collect 'belts' and have multiple crowns.

There is only one active champion crown. And it comes with a lot of perks and mad respect worldwide.

Upon any complication, dispute, will be solved at my sole discretion. I reserve the right to change this competition in any way to make sure it's following my dream as a paradise for accurate traders. From me you, as qualified traders, can expect support, and a friendly hand that helps with whatever is necessary for you to enjoy the experience. 

There are the following options for the trade entry 

OPTIONAL: Entry 2 
.. OPTIONAL: Entry 1 portfolio %, Entry 2 portfolio % (the total must be 100) 
Stop-loss at:

Target 1: 
Optional: checkmarks at target 1 to adjust the stop at entry when the target 1 is reached. 
Optional: Target 2 
Optional: if target 2 exists, custom take profit % can be set between the two targets (the total must be 100) 
Leverage - it must be lower than the stop for the trade requires and within the range allowed in competition. 

Cancel trade 
(only if the trade is between entry and the profit and only if it remains within that positive range for at least 60 seconds). if the trade is canceled - it is marked as cancellation but does not affect the score nor the trade count for the trader. 

Any system manipulation will result in disqualification! The spirit of the trades must be that they are tradeable. We have built the protection mechanisms in place, but we are also human so you are expected to play fair. 

With that said, I wish you a lot of fun, some luck, and good trades! Your friend in this journey to accuracy,


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