Dear Trader,

I am forced to temporarily shut down the DART 2.

It is too buggy and it pisses me off to put my reputation for something like this.

Unfortunately, I am not a coder. As you know, I am replacing my tech team and the transition is not as smooth as you’d expect.

Until the new tech team gets control, and starts fixing the all known bugs, I don’t want to have Blockchain Whispers name associated with anything but superior quality and first-on-the-scene insiders, edge-boosters and tips.

I expect two weeks eta to be fully functional, but I might be wrong. This page will be unresponsive until then, except the shoutbox, where I always like to hear your feedback, suggestions etc.

I finally found the right coders and am excited to get this finally ready with.

This was the short story.

In case you are wondering…


As you have seen… when I am passionate about something, I am a fast mover.
We together have survived the toughest winds of crypto, backstabbings of traders, associates,… learning the ugly side of crypto. It’s greed unlike any other, in any other industry… full of young folks, and it’s like little high school kids - stupid and full of energy - a recipe for disaster.

The Mafia Analogy
If you come to a setting where you get to insult an older, powerful mafia guy in a public setting, the odds are very little you’d get hurt right there and then. Instead, you’ll get hurt more badly later on. Strategically, without the wise guy having too much problems.
On the other hand, if you insult some blue balls, cocky, out-of-highschool kiddo, he settles things right there and then, no matter where that situation leads him afterwards (and we know where it does).

The same way in crypto, we are full of young folks, same blue balls, same stupidity, and greed for easy money bigger than anywhere. Eventually, it will make crypto great, and more stable, faster than if it would be developed in standard corporate environments… but it also means, that us, the early guys have to get up every time after such blue ball greedy rat tries to harm (or benefit) off of someone’s quality work. In the past we beat leakers, naysayers, even novice traders who failed to take their own responsibility.

In the process we (together, me, you,..) educated one impressive small army of followers to know what to expect of crypto and how to approach it right. I repeatedly showed on example that by doing something good and sticking to your word you can do more and achieve higher than by trying low level games of the ‘Crypto Ugly’ and trying to score off someone else’s work.

If I’d tell you a story of people I’ve met since BCW gained popularity, you’d be surprised, but I leave it for some other time.

For now, I want us to focus on what matters… and that is … the GOOD PEOPLE!

I met some amazing folks, brilliant men and women, and they in 100% of cases were not motivated by quick riches, but by DEVELOPING CRYPTO.

I will try to say this without shitting on my previous coding team, but it was not done in the way I could progress at the speed BCW deserves. I was too naive, too stupid, seeing too much good in people, so I trusted 100% with the coding part, never bothered to check what happened behind the scenes.

It finally burnt so much of my energy that I refused to take even one further step in such never-ending circle of bugs, questionable characters (that all swore to be friends of BCW) and my inability to do something about it as I personally don’t code.

And BAM!

Finally we are moving to the new team… some already-made parts we will have to recode all over again as the support from the previous team is so irritating, that it is the best path to take.

I will not stop until you see Blockchain Whispers in its full glory, brighter than ever… making history once again.

Until then, I must do a thing that is not characteristic for me, and that is to recover a bit. I got overburned in dealing with the previous tech team, and their inability to meet the deadlines.

So this is what is happening with your Blockchain Whispers:
1) New guys are onboarding with almost no support, trying to figure out what is what.
2) I made a list of things that need to be fixed - I want DART 2 fully functional, and I want to make you your homepage even more valuable when you visit it, we need to restructure it.

Once these two things are done, we are open again for business. I’ll focus on getting us DART 2 popularity so you get the best traders in the world in the challenge, and that you can easily benefit from their signals.

I will finance the coders and all out of my pocket, as for a while now I have paused the premium membership (it does not expire until I feel I provide at least 5x the value for each day spent). If it had gone as the tech team promised me, you’d have already the top level service you know to love. And it pisses me off. I can’t tell you how much. So, wish me luck that this tech formation works, as then we will do wonders.

1) We will get the best traders through DART 2
2) It will be fully functional and easy to use for you
3) The team will focus on making your most valuable crypto homepage while
4) I’ll use my connections to bring BlockchainWhispers premium and free members the most trading edge humanly possible.
5) All your previously paid fees will be taken into account so you won't pay double, subscriptions valid, everything smooth.

The good thing is, the timing is on our side, and we are all, at the right time in history here and at the right place here on

Brother, sis, I don’t know what to tell you, but to thank you for your loyalty.

Until I am satisfied with the quality: DART 2 is closed. Premium membership is on pause.

Premium members: you have good positions, you don’t have many updates as things don’t change. We expect alts to make a pump soon regardless of the btc sentiment. Either natural up pump or a correction before the further down, either way they are about to pump. QNT made us 10x the investment and you got the updates regarding it in the premium area.

Free members: There is more money in btc than ever. More people than ever. Bitcoin can go both directions, and at this stage, what happens is an institutional pump. People are not fully buying this pump yet. It is safest and smartest to hold only coins you love. No leverage, no short term trading. Support crypto. Invest in projects you want to see succeed.

BCW needs about two weeks of your patience and then we resume with making of history,
Thank you,
Your loyal friend,
D Man

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