Crypto Without Privacy Is Like A Man Without ....

Facebook Libra, every single transaction that comes in, they know the owner of the BITCOIN wallet that sent it to Libra.

From Libra wherever, since you did KYC, everything is known. Blockchain OPEN. Plus Powered by Facebook probably means your movement tracked too.

Coinbase - kyc all, good cooperation with governments. Everything that originates from (a lot) and goes to (a bit less) is tracked.

We, as the community, we need to choose how we want to develop this and INSIST on privacy-oriented solutions: privacy coins (think Monero, Zcash,...), real DEXes (think EFIN, not Binance which is IOUs with bnb), real leaders.

Focus where it matters. Today your vote is powerful. When btc is at 100k it will mean a bunch more people entered... and it won't be as powerful. The early guys were privacy oriented, and they provided us with strong structure. Now, with banking and big money entering, it's trying to use every trick to corrupt it and track you... now your votes, your decisions should focus on purpose rather than convenience.

I mean after all, would you rather use login and start trading system or login, submit to some monkey the kyc to check your picture (a true story, one hot female friend submitted the kyc and the guy contacted her saying he is in the city if she wants to meet)... and wait for 'approval'.

This world can be free.

(and yet still safe!)





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1 year ago ago
Crazy, the hot shick story
1 year ago ago
Thank you! Very important Information!
1 year ago ago
No way I'm putting a cent into fucking Le-Bra!
1 year ago ago
Dead to rights on this comment DMan!!!! You covered the home plate so they can't slide in without a leg hook. Zuckerberg wants total control and forgive my slight rant but he can go and fuck himself!!!!!! I put him in the same life boat with that king of pricks George Soros, another control freak. I am with you and will do whatever it takes to keep our BLOCKCHAIN as ours and not the NEW WORLD ORDER of control. Rebel to the very end here!!!
1 year ago ago
I say fuck Libra and so should everyone else. Much love to everyone here.
1 year ago ago
In with you