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Rules For Being Crypto Smart In Bearish Times

If we are early adopters, we need to have crypto. But because markets are still early, and very manipulated, during these bad bear times it's best not to trade at all.

I don't think we are out of the woods yet. We are still in bearish times. We will see for how long but, really... do you have to catch the very bottom and risk more for that psychological reward?

You don't.

For that reason, the best, smartest play is - don't trade until we have a confirmed bull mode.

If you believe in crypto and are not in a rush - the rule of a thumb is - buy the dips. Every time it breaks the previous low... buy some. Some at 3016, some at 29xx, ...

Be smart. Hold and forget. It paid off for me once (though I ALMOST lost the password - I guessed it a week later!)... don't trade it unless you have really good track record. Even then be careful as the volume is lower, and manipulation higher.

In 2020 we will probably laugh at all this. Until then, make sure you have something remaining to laugh with. If you burnt/spent it... buy the dips... as I suspect there are more to come.



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2m ago
Enjoying the new reads tonight.   I have bids in now.   Not where it looks like the next dip will be, but conservatively above it and watching closely.   Nailing the bottom is useless if it doesn't fill.    
Thanks for all the wisdom, Dman.