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Crypto Losses And Quits

Pantera Capital Hedge Fund, by many the best fund lost until OCT around 73% of the portfolio according to
Now is December, and a bunch more shakeouts... I wouldn't be surprised the number is in the 90% neighborhood. 

Bitmain - the gigant whale miner... lost $750 million in q3... q4 seems even worse.

Galaxy Digital lost hundreds of millions...

And you think us retail traders have a chance?

I am now focusing with my premiums on the Ten Trade Challenge... trading fully professionally, portfolio management, with the best analysis my team has and seeing if we have any edge in this market.

If we don't, we will pull out. Mr. Y already said he is out, alts are dead, until the 2020.

For me, it doesn't work like that - I don't quit. So I will use this time to develop amazing things at Blockchain Whispers, so that once again it becomes tradeable, that we enter it.

This is not a quitting message. I am here. I am trading. I am developing.

This is a friendly message that if you see things not going well for you this year, you are not alone, and it might be wise to spectate for a while.

Yours in bears and bulls,

P.S. You will see badass developments soon... I expect it to be under a month from now.
P.P.S. I am giving our best in The Ten Trade Challenge. The Outcome Of That Will Determine How, And When We Continue Trading. For now we did three trades, seven more to go. Hand holding members with portfolio management and all. Cheers!




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3m ago
Crypto wont die. It's developing. All the players are getting in. We must be alert to reenter with all our strength in the right moment. 
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3m ago
I think as long as we believe that the crypto will survive and grow and not dead, this condition is good for us to prepare for next progress,.. especially for people who just got in crypto in 1-2 years ago,.. it gives us a tremendous chance and opportunity 

so my question,.. do you think crypto will grow more or even in the contrary it will die ,.. any opinion folks ????

why crypto will  survive and grow ???  or  in the contrary,.. why crypto will die ? any good arguments for these questions ????